By Tom - / Friday 8 February 2019 02:00 /
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By  Paul B. Gyurcsanszky  |  14

If you have a teenager you should always call first to warn them that you’re on your way home. Unless you plan on interrupting anything.

By  abfab5300  |  11

She’s an adult. She has recreational sex, as primates do. How did you beget her in the first place? I doubt whether you would’ve sneaked up if she was your son and you’d seen his girlfriend’s shoes.

By  LolCandy  |  27

Make sure she gets some Plan B before that fertilized egg implants, or she will be a teen mother and you will have to deal with this pathetically irresponsible “son-in-law.”

  abfab5300  |  11

Ever heard of the pill, nuvaring or intrauterine devices? Full protection against pregnancy without having to use condoms? Geez, I’m a lesbian and I’ve known this since I was 12. She’s 19, you honestly think she has no idea how the human reproductive system works?

  LolCandy  |  27

I indeed have known a 20some woman with a two year old who did not know that the vagina and urethera were separate. They also didn’t know what the clitoris was.

If my faith in humanity is something to go by, this girl who doesn’t even know it is quite easy for a male to accidentally orgasm (or do it on purpose because they are abusive, and straight up don’t care if she gets pregnant) is probably uneducated as well.

If she was on birth control and gave consent for him to ejaculate inside her, I doubt she would be screaming.