By Zach Got Robbed - 08/01/2014 23:02 - United States - Clifton

Today, my 175-pound rottweiler I've raised since a puppy watched me get jumped and robbed of my phone and money in my yard. An hour later, he hopped the fence and chased the mail man down the street after he leaned on the fence for a second. FML
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TorturedXeno 27

Good to see that Fido has his priorities straight. FYL, OP.

Everyone knows the mailman is the dogs arch-nemesis


Wow. That's no fun.

Well, dogs do have a history of hating mail men. And op, im guessing you didn't exactly train your dog to be a guard dog. Dogs aren't violent animals that will just attack a random human being on pure instinct. they need to be trained to do that.

@25: I don’t think so. It’s a dog’s natural instinct to protect his or her home and pack. If OP got attacked within the confines of his own yard and his dog didn’t react something seems to be wrong with that dog.

Usually if a dog sees his owner getting attacked, they react in a protective way. It's not their natural instinct to attack humans but it is their natural instinct to protect their owner (or pack, like the person above me said).

@35: I hope pack is the correct English word; at least my dictionary said so. I meant to describe the group (or herd) of dogs or wolves.

My dog was home when we got robbed and acted like nothing was wrong. My mom thinks she just layed on the couch and watched. My dog isn't the brightest star in the sky.

sounds to me like it was a nonviolent robbing instead of a beat down style grab and go.

If I yell "OWW" my dog would attack the other person and stops when I say it's ok. A fun game to play with the family :) luckily that ones the smaller dog...

#53 it says he got jumped and I'm not sure there is a non violent jumping.

@37 - yes, that's the correct word. Dogs usually see any humans or other animals in their household as their pack so they would be protective of them.

My dog just walked up to the men who robbed me at gunpoint and then gave them a good long sniff, turned around, and sat down. I like to think that he did it because he was smart enough that if he attacked them, they likely would have hurt him since he is small. Or because what they were doing was laughable and not really scary ... That's probably not why though.

TorturedXeno 27

Good to see that Fido has his priorities straight. FYL, OP.

more like courage the cowardly dog

Maybe your dog and the mugger was in it since the beginning..? You better watch your back OP!!

Or maybe it was just because he saw interaction between you and the mugger in your yard, but when the mailman came he was defending his terrotory since you weren't (perhaps) around.

You can't rely on your dog to protect you, when it comes down to it, they're probably just as scared and confused as you are in that situation, no matter how big and scary they look!

That and the mugger may have been around the house before and is probably acquainted with the dog to where he wouldn't attack him.

SkyGuy32 17

The best way to avoid this is to train your dog specifically for self protection by having commands for attacking, ceasing attack, and specifying a target.

Everyone knows the mailman is the dogs arch-nemesis

Besides pussy.

I adopted a dog that apparently hated anyone in any sort of uniform, mailmen included.

#40 Just be lucky you don't have to wear a uniform around your dog. If you do have to… FYL too.

Haha i see what you did there.....Clever

That's man's best friend for ya.

A little bit of a downer, but you really might wanna train your dog.

The need to get their dog Shutzhund trained, it is basically guard dog training.

"Shutzhund" would mean "protection dog," right?

It is where they teach the dog to attack on command, it is really cool. I have seen some of the classes and the dogs are super well behaved, they have to be or they can't learn it

How to Train Your Dog doesn't have quite the same ring to it as How To Train Your Dragon

Kick that dogs ass! Littke bastard is supposed to protect his owner

What is WRONG with you?

Agreed with #16... You have issues Michael Vick.

Did you get kicked in the head as a baby or something??

You tell it like it is, Sata- I mean sister!

Damn... My mom used to get chased home from school by that breed. I'm surprised they just sat there.

Not every dog of the same breed is the same. You're pretty much being breed-racist.

Yeah, I'm "breed racist". I wasn't just going off of that one instance with my mom. I had a friend that had a rottie and if the dog sensed that you had any issues with him or their owner it wasn't pleasant to you. He wasn't trained to be that way either. That's why I said that.

Same with my dad, but he still has had them as pets

75- uh, DUH. Dogs are usually very in tune with the 'vibes' people send out. if they can tell you don't like them or their owner, they will act accordingly. my dog loves everyone... except people I don't like. then she'll avoid them. EVERY dog does it. anyways, there's a saying- judge the deed, not the breed. because your mom got chased by a rottie doesn't make them all vicious. educate yourself.

I never said they were all vicious... I love rotties jackass. I've just never seen one not be protective. That's all I was saying. My mom got chased because she seriously pissed one off by hitting their owner. I left that out to keep the comment short. If you think I'm hating on bully breeds just know I own two pits. I'm not uneducated. As I stated, I've just never seen one not be protective.

I like how you call me a jackass, then message me, then BLOCK ME so I can't reply lol classy Anyways, you should watch how you phrase things because you certainly come across as doggy racist. I sincerely doubt your pits exist,because if they did, you'd watch what you say. people like to take things about 'bully' breeds and twist them.

116- My friend has a rottweiler, and she thinks that she is a sweet, lapdog.

Omg thats something girls used to do in like, grade 6-7 LOL!

I never blocked you.... Why the fuck would I do that? I called you a jackass because you were being really bitchy in the comment when I was further explaining myself and you just flew off the handle.

I do have pits. I never said that I was suprised their dog didn't rip their throat out. All I said was "I'm suprised they just sat there." Most dogs have some kind of reaction like barking or growling at least. That's why I said what I said.

What the duck is a dog racist? Do they have feelings now?

Pretty sure they've ALWAYS had feelings, smart ass

Hey, you trained him . . . or didn't.