By anonymous - Australia - Sydney
Today, my 17 year old daughter told me she was going to bake a cake. When she finished she offered me one and it was crunchy. I asked her why and she said the recipe said to put eggs in. She put them in whole. FML
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  Nessco  |  36

Perhaps you need to spend time with her in the kitchen. She followed the instructions, she just didn't know to not take them so literally. Use this as a good opportunity to bond more with her.

  xxcutekatxx2  |  12

I can't cook to save myself. I can cook pancakes, fried eggs and packet foods. I think I'd burn a salad if I was to ever make one.
I'm an accounting student with high distinctions, there is no correlation that just because she can't cook that she won't do well in college.

  sturschaedel  |  27

Even my three-year-old knows to Crack eggs, and can do it himself if they don't need to be separated. My six-year-old can separate them.

How can one get to 17 without gaining that knowledge SOMEWHERE?

  KayleeFrye  |  39

That's what I wondered. No one should get to the age of 17 and not know the basics. I think every person, male or female, needs to learn basic cooking skills. They don't need to be gourmet chefs, but someone who is 17 should be able to cook a decent meal. Or at least know to crack an egg.

  crimsonlover4  |  31

And I have a suspicion that the omelet would be just as bad or dangerous to eat lol But OP should be proud that her daughter follows directions...just a little too eggxactly.. :/