By GiraffeLover - Australia
Today, my 17 year old boyfriend's mother bought him a giraffe onesie. He refused to take it off and insisted on wearing it everywhere we go. We live in Australia and it's our summer now. So far he has passed out 3 times in public because he over heated, but he still won't take it off. FML
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  TwinChapter  |  15

For some reason this reminded me of Remi Gaillard and all of his crazy costumes and stunts :P If you haven't watched his videos, you HAVE to look his name up on YouTube... he's hilarious :)

  IceCreamMage  |  17

Guessing it's a onesie because I've seen them everywhere in Australia now and it would be possible to overheat in 35C+ degree heat. Recently it's been exceeding 40C.
Very possible to happen.

By  illmatic2  |  16

Why would you want to date someone like that?

  illmatic2  |  16

No, he's weird and immature. It's funny to do maybe once or twice or just around the house, but if you refuse to take it off like he is then there is something wrong with you.

  kirasant  |  19

Nah, I'm with you #3. I like weirdness and all that. I have a wide array of strange friends and I really don't care what the guys wears, BUT the guy has passed out 3 times. If he didn't take it off after the 1st time, then it's OPs fault for dating this idiot. Besides that, this can't be the first crazy thing he's done.

  Carmstro  |  13

I wouldn't say he's weird or immature necessarily. I think it's freaking hilarious but with the passing out, that just makes what he's doing plain stupid. Doesn't mean OP should break up with him though, he'll figure it out.

  molzipan  |  16

you can buy some at I have the tabby cat one and wear it all the time. Also eBay sells them dirt cheap if you don't mind waiting a few weeks because of international shipping.