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  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Cats can get way bigger than that just on cat food alone, plus it depends on the breed. Even if it is fat, the op shouldn't have to spend 5x as much for diet cat food and hours every day for it's exercise. Plus fat cats are cute :D

  kameryn25  |  3

I'd have to agree with 93 and 80 who said anything about diet cat food the op would actually spend less money by feeding the cat less or by going all natural and letting the cat fend for himself. And by the context of the FML it would seem the OP is alluding to the fact that his cat is bigger than average otherwise this wouldn't be an FML.

  The_Unlucky1  |  19

Actually there is a species of cat called a Maine coon and they usually get to be about that size. I personally have one. He's only about 6 months old and weighs about 9 pounds.

  kindgremlin  |  5

It is actually worse than getting your nails removed. You have to remove the first bone of the digit, like us losing our first knuckle. Very gruesome and cats will just starting biting more to defend themselves!

  greg84_fml  |  21

Every time I hear someone complain about how horrible it is to declaw a cat, I want to tell them to go hug a tree. I've had several cats declawed, it's done professional, and only their front pals. The cats have always been fine afterwards. Just spend sometime with your kitties are they are healing and give they the good food.

  kindgremlin  |  5

That is a horrible message you are sending! I have had to unfortunately assist with a declaw, meaning: clamping hemostats on the cats nail base, while the vet separates the first joint from the second. I have also seen declaws that went wrong, where the vet didn't perform it correctly and their jacked up nails grew back into their paws. Horrific and much worse than scratched up furniture. There are other ways around it like Soft Paws, to name one. Side note, I'm not a tree hugger.

  nicko_oz  |  4

if you don't want an animal with claws don't buy an animal with claws. Don't go out of your way to go oh cats > dogs but i hate their claws lets declaw them. you guys suck.. btw to the other person who replied that diet cat food is to expensive and they don't think they owner should have to put hours into exercising their cat that IS exactly what they should do numb nuts.

If you own an animal its YOUR responsibility and just because cats can get fat just from eating cat food doesn't mean the owner isn't feeding it too much yes cats can get fatter than that but i hardly consider it healthy. OP Deserves it for having 1 having a cat and 2 making it fat!

By  BeautifulDemonKP  |  4

jeez thats painful it sounds like when i was jumping a fence and it had barbed wire on it but i didnt know because it was on the side my leg was cut up it hurt so bad and i didnt have my tetnus shot. FYL OP sorry

By  UsagiArwen  |  23

1) Just because a cat is 17lbs doesn't mean this animal needs to diet. My 20 month old cat is about 15lbs of pure muscle. He is NOT fat. He's just very big.

2) How would you like your finger nails or toe nails ripped out? It's a painful thing to do to a cat, and they have to walk on their "fingers" after their claws get ripped out. 17lbs of weight on newly declawed paws is gonna hurt. Furthermore, you don't know the cat's environment. Since the cat has its claws, it's possible the owner lives in an area where the cat goes outside and needs said claws in order to defend itself.

That totally sucks, op. I've been there and it hurts like a son-of-a-gun.

  Isoldael  |  27

Cats always walk on their "fingers", not on their nails. They retract their claws while walking (like any cat except the cheetah). Anyhow, removing their nails is still a cruel practice, just not for that reason.

  smashgrab  |  0

For some reason, I want to call BS on the '15 pounds of pure muscle' thing... What kind of cat would that be? A cross breed of house cat & mountain lion?

A 17 pound housecat is almost certianly fat, and needs to go on a diet.

  NAU_future  |  7

I believe "15 lbs of pure muscle." I had a cat who was a stray that we picked up, starved and bone thin who weighed in at 13lbs. When he was healthy he was 20+.


15 Pounds Of Pure Mustle Huh.? If Yer So Proud Of it Put Him In The Hello Kitty Olympics.!
Oh Wait, They Dont Have That. Cuz I Havent Seen A Normal House Cat Have 15 Pounds Of pure Mustle

Cool Story Broha.