By Anonymous - 19/06/2013 16:12 - United States - Brooklyn

Today, my 16-year-old son broke two of his fingers playing with Play-Doh. FML
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True talent. Hide the modeling clay, it might put him in the ICU.

All I want to know is one thing... How?


True talent. Hide the modeling clay, it might put him in the ICU.

There's no 'might' about it. It WILL put him in the ICU.

It could have harden and turned into rocks... Or he may just be weak a boy with lack of vitamins.

I think he's doing it wrong..

Neeh, what could possibly give you that thought?!!

No he is doing it right. No pain no gain.

He wins the darwin award for this week

maybe 12 is a knight who refused to say "ekki ekki ekki pitang zoom boing"

Are you okay buddy? Something stressing you out?

All I want to know is one thing... How?

With great skill

and a butt ton of fitness

I'm thinking he punched the table out of frustration when his play doh ice cream cone didn't look EXACTLY like the one on the play set box. What, that never happened to you guys?

I was also thinking he must've punched a table...but more because he wanted to smash a playdoh model (for fun not frustration) or because he wanted to see if he could punch the table and not get hurt if he put playdoh on top or something...

I don't know. I just weep for humanity.

there used to be natural selection, so this kind of humanity got weeded out *sarcasm*

Congratulations on him lasting up to 16.

And heres hoping he'll make it to 18.

I wouldn't bet on it.

How do you do that? Also, lets go ahead and let the kid take responsibility on this one. Play-doh really shouldn't need warning labels beyond choking hazard.

Now that takes skills

Maybe he has brittle bones?

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he has osteogenesis imperfecta. Or maybe bone cancer. Hope not.

#73 ok there webmd :P

wait... what? HOW?!

How does that even happen?!?!