By DesperateMother - 28/06/2016 10:12 - France - Wasselonne

Today, my 16-year-old daughter handed me the picture she wants TV reports to use if ever she happens to get kidnapped. FML
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"It got 110 likes on Facebook so, this is the one you need to use"

What's wrong with that?


"It got 110 likes on Facebook so, this is the one you need to use"

Hope nobody else likes your comment so it stays exactly 110 just like you wrote lol

Downvote it so it gets back to 110

I tried it's back to 115

What's wrong with that?

I'm assuming the problem lies in the fact that she probably is more worried about how good she'll look on television versus being kidnapped.

I personally think it's more about not wanting other photos used. Newspapers and magazines use such perverted pictures to show a person after they're kidnapped or murdered "18 year old girl kidnapped, here's a pic of her tits at the beach!" :/

My work used to have a family safety day and one of the exhibits was getting you and your children's dentals, fingerprints, and a photo session done for a just-in-case scenario of someone going missing. Things like this and wills and life insurance are morbid, sure, but it's wise to have done. No one likes to think of these things happening but they DO happen.

I saw a picture a couple months ago of a missing girl on the back of a mailer doing the duck face. There was so much wrong with that. What parent would choose that photo? What does the girl normally look like? What are the odds that should I spot her that she would be making the duck face and I say, "Hey it's missing girl who was doing the duck face.

Hand her a glass dish- and tell her you got her fingerprints too- make her sing karaoke we always need a recording of the voice All jokes aside every child should have a ID Kid kit done every 2 years.

Man, your life is completely and totally fucked isn't it? On a serious note, sure, that's a little odd, but there's nothing wrong with it.

Honestly, that's an awesome idea. At least it'll be something the police can use.

Goblin182 26

Planning ahead. I like it.

Don't just chalk it up to FML, make sure that she doesn't have other plans.

That's actually pretty smart. At least she's thought ahead.

Bet it had a snapchat filter on it

The fact that she is considering this is incredibly sad.

Sad, or smart? No one ever thinks they'll be abducted until it happens. This is why fingerprint kits and other identifying factors exist.