By WalkingTalkingCarrot - 27/06/2011 02:15 - United Kingdom

Today, my 15 year old brother, visiting me for the weekend, thought it would be a great idea to switch my expensive moisturiser for fake tan cream. I'm going to work in 12 hours. I'm fluorescent orange. FML
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Be popular today: Get the Dorito look!

Real men aren't afraid to moisturize. They don't have to, but they're not afraid to. Little boys and closet gays are afraid people will know how insecure they are, so they make fun of real men who moisturize.


Be popular today: Get the Dorito look!

Especially popular among men!

Now in cheese coloring! Coming soon: Ranch!

Doritos: + Amazingly tasty. + Epic color + Epic shape + Need I go on? -- INSANELY Addicting

Just tell everyone that you will be visiting Jersey for the weekend and wanted to fit in! :)

if u get fired from ur job then u could be a jersey shore impersonator

or even at the zoo as an orangutang!!

There can never be too many Snookis in the world:)

68- One is plenty.

That was sarcasm. So yes. I agree. Haha:)

70- are you a guy or a girl?

105 - WTF 70 is really pretty

boys will be boys ;)

her title says 'miss'

One snookie is too many. But I guess if she didn't exist, then southpark couldn't make fun of her.

Switch his hair gel with a mixture of glue and lotion.

I just love it when the first comment is lukte

i just love it when the first comment is liked by so many people, and Dorito's rock!

should have told your boss that giant ass-probing aliens kidnapped you, and pissed all over you many many times, telling you that you work to hard and you should slack back, you bravely repelled them back with saying.. "NEVER I LOVE MY JOB AND WILL NEVER QUIT ON IT",but tell him it was to late to save your skin from the disease-infested piss.

Real men don't use moisturizers.

how much do you apply...? im hoping it was the strongest tan you can buy because if not you shouldnt be even close to fluro orange unless you applied it which case ease up turbo, you arent meant to put that much moisturiser on either.

How would you not have seen the difference in the color? Or even the difference in smell??

There are already to many snookies in the world she and the rest of them should be euthanized

haha, wow. just tell everyone you rolled in doritos.

come on now, you gotta give credit where credit us due, and on a creativity scale 1-10 your brothers getting 7.5 on this one....

There's something people call originality. Use it.

All 7 says is '' No . ''

next time, try going natural(:

shes more orange than you Katie!

Try going oompa-loompa.

The new hot look: Oompa loompa orange! get some today!

Ah, isin't that what family is for :)?

1215116a 14

Isin't....? Wow....

I think he could take the little guy. he's 15 hold him down and cover him in the oompa loompa oil then drop him off at his friends house, fairs fair.

sorry I didn't realise this was a spelling bee.

*THE spelling bee. :)

take a shower ? god that would suck, FYL

I bet you looked hot! ........ NOT:)

Hahaha your brother is funny.

you look cute (:

I'm pretty sure the brother thought the tan cream was vanishing cream because OPs face needs to go away.

I thought he was funny too:)

Agreed, that's just a classic prank. if op can't figure out a way to get it off in 12 hours they're an idiot anyways.

you're a guy? real men don't moisturize! he was trying to teach you a lesson.

But who really wants an ashy dick?

Real men aren't afraid to moisturize. They don't have to, but they're not afraid to. Little boys and closet gays are afraid people will know how insecure they are, so they make fun of real men who moisturize.

32 is adorable :] what girl (or guy, depending on how you roll) doesn't like a man with a soft touch? moisturizing is good for you :)

I don't; I don't like the the feel of it. Just my hands, cause what girl wants to feel rough, calloused fingers from my playing guitar? I'm just saying "real men" aren't afraid of what people think. Little boys like to attack everything that they don't think cavemen would have done.

sure you dont. I'm not a little boy and they're not afraid. it's just..different lol that first comment was a joke anyways But thanks for the "information" about real men and little boys!

my lotion keeps my hands soft :]

Seriously! if you're a girl, would you want sandpaper hands "touching" you?

where does it say op is a guy???

at the very top there a little blue thing

oompa loommpa diddy do i got a story just for you..from there in lyricaly impaired due to writers block so somone thats good with the rhymes:

What do you get what your brother visits? A house full of noise and a face full of zits. He swapped your lotion for some oranging cream This is a nightmare not...a...dream. Oompa loompa doompa dee do You've got a face that's orange, not blue Oopma loopma doomapa dee dee Don't kill your brother, ship him to me.

Why do you want a 15 year old boy shipped to you, doc? Oh wait, I guess you're still finding victims...I mean patients, to practice your vasectomies on.


dress up as snooki and call it costume day at work. but you still have 12 hours to wash it off!!!