By EllieS9311 - 16/02/2016 13:16 - United States - Montevallo

Today, my 13 year-old son had a seizure in the middle of his history class. We were at the hospital for three hours and several expensive tests later he informed me he faked the seizure so he could get out of a group presentation. He was so proud that he was such a good actor. FML
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Take that money spent out of any gifts/allowances he was going to get in any future holiday or birthday. Maybe that will teach him not to do something so serious.

I'm not even going to lie, that's pretty impressive.


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Still more likely to get an Oscar than Leonard DiCaprio

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That little shit ! creative but a parent I would be worried at first then to anger....creative little shit

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Guess he studied Breaking Bad.

I'm not even going to lie, that's pretty impressive.

and expensive.

and intensive.



Win..... all of this is just...... win.

A for effort.

It's reprehensibly impressive. It is no small feat to truly fake a convincing seizure. Dude needs to learn a life lesson, though.

Take that money spent out of any gifts/allowances he was going to get in any future holiday or birthday. Maybe that will teach him not to do something so serious.

Well said. As someone with epilepsy, I can attest that even with insurance, the tests that they have to do are SO expensive. I'd be so pissed if my kid pulled that crap!

I agree. Very rarely do FMLs actually piss me off, but this one does. He needs to be taught a serious lesson. It's not even all about the money he wasted. He wasted the time and resources of both the emergency department and the paramedics/EMTs that took him to the hospital. Time and resources that would have been used for people actually having a medical emergency

Any parent would be pissed off to be put through that not just financially but emotionally as well.

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I dont mean to be rude but whats esp? (Cant scroll back up to see how its spell im very sorry)

Epilepsy is where (generally stating, please forgive me if I am wrong) flashing lights or specific lights in general can cause seizures.

That is only a very small percentage, only like 10% of epileptics are sensitive to lights, it's called photosensitive or reflex epilepsy. There are many other triggers for an epileptic, such as being too tired, having a few drinks, or other underlying health issues. (I'm photosensitive)

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Yay free healthcare ?

No such thing as a free lunch, kiddo – let alone healthcare.

take your son to auditions don't waste the opportunities. Oh also make him pay the bills

I'd make him do some odd jobs to pay back some of that. I'm so sorry OP I hope your insurance covers most and it wasn't too expensive.

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I doubt insurance would cover a fake seizure though :(

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10, she doesn't have to tell them it was fake

I'm sure the doctors who went through years and years of school and training will figure it out. They usually do.

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Not necessarily. It's pretty difficult to distinguish between certain types of seizure and faking, after the fact. Which is why getting treatment for my actual epilepsy involves a certain amount of "proving it" to various doctors, neuros, EMTs, etc. It's... not pleasant. I had one EMT practice hand IVs on me because he was convinced I was only pretending to be unresponsive and that I'd eventually give it up if I was in enough pain.

#77 you should probably find a good neurologist.. When I was diagnosed they were very patient, even though I had 3 EEGs before they finally caught it. It's not a matter of "proving it". It's to make sure they give the correct diagnosis and don't just stick you on brain altering medication without making sure they're doing the right thing.

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#88 In a lot of places they just assume if you don't pass the first test you're likely faking and are rude about retesting. My ex was epileptic and had to go through all the "proving it" every couple years to re-qualify for his meds or his insurance would take them away. There are a ton of insurance scam people out there these days so I can't really blame them. :/

What!? That's insane. I've seen 3 neurologists in 3 different cities that I've lived in and NEVER had a problem with any of them. Furthermore, I don't think anyone would "fake" epilepsy, as the procedures are very uncomfortable and expensive and adjusting to the medicine is awful. Faking a seizure, yes. But faking EPILEPSY?! I find it hard to believe that happens a lot.

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Well, at least he may have a future in acting

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He can drop out to be an actor!

Put the kid in a drama class

Yes, because he's full of it.

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I'm sure he'll still be pleased when he's grounded and you sell his shit to pay off that bill.

My mother tried selling some of my things once, to "teach me a lesson" when I broke a window (I leaned against it, the ancient glass shattered) too bad the items she chose were in fact, things I'd bought myself. Turns out you can sue your parents at the age of 12, and win, when you've got receipts to prove it and your Uncle is a lawyer =P I got brand new replacements, and a bit of spending money out of the deal, and my parents never tried that bullshit again ^_^