By Morgannaken - United States
Today, mum woke me up before seven in the morning on a Saturday so I could open my birthday gifts. I'm an insomniac and I had just fallen asleep. I wasn't even awake yet and she yelled at me to be more enthusiastic. FML
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By  Smarty_  |  0

For all the people who are calling the OP ungrateful or a bitch and that she can just go to sleep when she's done opening do realize that she actually cannot.
That what insomnia is, lacking the ability to fall asleep just because one wants to.

This was the OP's birthday, that means she should have the right to do what she wants on this day, even if it is sleeping(Something that would be precious to an actual insomniac).

Of course since I'm guessing most of you don't actually understand what the Op's going through, you'll just idiotically insult her throughout saying she should be grateful.

  ZuRG_fml  |  7

Is this a serious question? OP values sleep and it was disrupted in the name of a birthday, where you're supposed to be in charge. OP's mom is so busy making sure OP "has fun" that she never asked what OP would actually really like to do.

  freylero  |  5

I have suffered from insomnia after a traumatic event in my life time, it's a horrible condition and believe be, is not something that you should dismiss like that.

  xkat356  |  0

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  katieisfantab  |  0

Good point. But you dont know that. I've actually been diagnosed with insomnia. You cant assume OP is lying just because of a few people who self-diagnose.

OP, appreciate that your mom is up at 7 AM for you and all perky. My mom does it too, but it's better than her forgetting! Maybe if you had talked to her about how tired you were, she would have left you alone. She seems like she genuinely cares.

  giganticbrain  |  0

I agree with schmoop. A couple of teenagers drink a Monster (thinking it makes them totally badass) and don't sleep, therefore allowing them the grand opportunity of diagnosing themselves with insomnia. Now, I'm not saying that this is always the case. I'm not ignorant enough to deny the reality of actual insomnia. It just seems that more often that not, it's just tiny little immature teenagers staying up later than they have to.

  TeeHee124  |  0

#15 shut the fuck up you know nothing about this you asshole. If you are too dumb to read which you probably are, allow me to point it out. It says they are an INSOMNIAC, you little shit. That mean that they can't just go to sleep when they want to. It takes them hours and hours, and sometimes days. This is coming from a DIAGNOSED insomniac. No, I don't just stay up late. I'm up days at a time. So please, do the world a favor and shut your Motherfucking mouth.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

Do you have any idea how exhausting it is to go with little to no sleep? I've never had insomnia, but during my freshman year of college my parents put insane pressure on me to get straight A's in all 6 of my classes, or they were going to stop helping me pay for college. I ended up getting an hour and a half of sleep every weekday for a little over 3 months, and even though my mother knew how little I was sleeping, on weekends she'd wake me up at 4 a.m. and drag me to the gym for 4 hours, and would refuse to let me sleep when we got home so that I could study instead, even though she was well aware that I also worked as a runner in a restaurant, and I often got closing shifts (meaning that I'd start at 4 end up getting home at 1:30 a.m.). By the time the semester was over, I'd lost 40 pounds, I was pulling out my hair, i was incredibly irritable, and I was pretty much a nervous wreck from the lack of sleep. I couldn't imagine what i would do if a lack of sleep were a regular occurance in my life, and the people in my life decided not to respect it and leave me alone when they saw that I'd managed to fall asleep. Going without sleep is incredibly stressful, and until you've experienced it, you're really in no place to judge.

By  perdix  |  29

Suck it up and show some enthusiasm for your gifts for five goddam minutes.

Then you can sleep the rest of the day you fat, lazy slug. Oh, yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

By  K7C  |  0

Aaaw! Poor baby! Your mom got you presents! Your life sounds absolutely horrible! I think for your next birthday, she should not even talk to you since you are so ungrateful.

By  failuristic  |  3

I value sleep myself and have had insomnia before, but seriously, how ungrateful can you get? :B
In a way, you didn't deserve it because I don't know why someone as bratty as you would deserve any presents on their birthday D: