By secret123 - United States
  Today, me and my girlfriend were watching some show about sex on the discovery channel. The topic of female orgasms came up and she said, "Wow, I wonder what that's like?" We've been dating and sexually active for three years. FML
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By  Capybara  |  0

Why do guys always complain about this here? Men and women are different, and that's just the way things are. A lot of guys can't make their girlfriends orgasm. Getting all whiny about it is seriously unattractive, in my opinion. If she's still with you, she obviously doesn't have a problem with it. If you do, try harder.

By  yay_fml  |  0

Well don't just sit there feeling bad for yourself! Sit down with her and talk about it. If she has NEVER had one, she might want to go to a doctor to check for hormonal imbalances. If she just never tried... well... you have some fun times ahead of you :)

It can be intimidating, I know, but she is going to love you forever if you give her that first orgasm. It takes time and patience. Your jaw might go numb and your fingers might cramp. But I know she will reward you quite handsomely for your hard work, winkwinknudgenudge ;)

Good luck!

By  mleeb  |  0

you would think that with 3 years under your belt you'd be able to figure this whole "sex" thing out. you should probably just get her a vibrator so that when you finish in 1.5 minutes, she can take care of herself after.

By  Chickmechanic69  |  0

hahah agreed with #27. i was just thinking that. It's noticiable when a woman has an orgasm. Most of my guy friends that have talk to me about their sex life tell me when a woman orgasms it feels awesome for them our muscles freak out and tense up and whatnot. So if you've never noticed then you're oblivious. But at the same time mybe you should have done more to actually ask her about it. Whats the point of being with someone if you can't communicate with them? Make the effort... My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and I've had issues where he was selfish and wouldn't finish me for the longest time. It really sucks and it's obvious. She might not make noise ( i never did at first) but it was still obvious.