By ObviousBooty - United States - Kankakee
  Today, me and my dad were in a sort of prank war. I decided to get him back for one last time tonight, so I hid in his office to scare him. This would have been okay had I not caught him watching porn. I had to hide for an hour. FML
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By  Welshite  |  39

I didn't realize watching porn was serious enough to be worth blackmailing over.

I guess I'll have to destroy all my tapes and get rid of the cameras in my neighbors' bedrooms.

By  Jumbled_Mess  |  7

My first thought was "why didn't you jump out of hiding as soon as it came on rather than enduring the 'full session'?" Then I realized that you probably froze. An that it might have been, um, "too late".

By  Magnoxidans  |  19

If the choices were A) Jump out straight away explain the situation or B) sit in the same room as a porn watching, masterbating (assuming) father and you opted for the latter... Sorry OP but you're an idiot and YDI