By ObviousBooty - 17/07/2016 07:31 - United States - Kankakee

Today, me and my dad were in a sort of prank war. I decided to get him back for one last time tonight, so I hid in his office to scare him. This would have been okay had I not caught him watching porn. I had to hide for an hour. FML
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*Has to pee the whole time*

Caught one-handed... Dun dun dun


*Has to pee the whole time*

What does that red pepper next to op's name mean?

I think it means that it's a "hot" FML

@24 It means it's not safe for work

I didn't realize watching porn was serious enough to be worth blackmailing over. I guess I'll have to destroy all my tapes and get rid of the cameras in my neighbors' bedrooms.

Caught one-handed... Dun dun dun

I'm hoping you're a guy!

Wait, how does the gender of the OP have any relevance what so ever?

Seriously, downvotes for me? I'm the only one who thinks it would be just as bad to catch your father masturbating as catching your mother masturbating?

That's nothing, #5; I'm hoping the OP is two little people under a trench coat. Get on my level.

For whatever reason it definitely seems more traumatic if OP was a girl. Not sure why.

I guess if his daughter caught her father masturbating that would definitely be way more awkward than being a teenage boy and catching your father.

Alas, I am indeed a girl.

fairly attractive one at that.

Fairly? lol don't go too crazy with your compliments there...

Because it would be more awkward if you were a girl

Sweet Home Alabama

Pron and prank does go HAND in HAND

looks like your dad won that one

Why didn't you just jump out and scare him as soon as he walked in?

terribly constructed prank!

My first thought was "why didn't you jump out of hiding as soon as it came on rather than enduring the 'full session'?" Then I realized that you probably froze. An that it might have been, um, "too late".

would've been better if he did it while he was whacking it

plot twist he knew you were there so he turned the porn on, on purpose.

seems like the prank is on you! But I'm sorry, OP! That must have sucked so bad. I hope you're not too scarred by what you heard/saw

If the choices were A) Jump out straight away explain the situation or B) sit in the same room as a porn watching, masterbating (assuming) father and you opted for the latter... Sorry OP but you're an idiot and YDI