By sandwichsex - 08/08/2009 22:39 - United States

Today, me and my boyfriend were fooling around on my bed when things started to get heated. I said to him, "Do what ever you want". He got up and said he'd be right back. I thought he went to get a condom. He came back with a sandwich. FML
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Might want to be a bit more specific next time. Lol.

Dillybar 0

Should've asked him to eat you out if he was so hungry...


yo_momma 0

your boyfriend was hungry , so ?

Deathlyranch 0

You are lucky you have a partner that isn't serious all the time. Still, FYL. Stop saying first, please.

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Agreed 1. He was hungry and not that in the mood. Not the end of the world.

ReasonsToFly 0

YDI for not making him a sammich

YDI for being female.

YDI for not having a sandwich tasting vagina

YDI for not making it for him before he had to get it himself

pkrkid73 0

ok, this guy is getting really annoying

Sandwich tasting Vagina??? The OP is a man according to what I see. Is this an error or is this FML about two gays??

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im reply to 12 FIRST... i said it, dum dum dum.

YDI for not having a sandwich tasting penis. #62, shut the fuck up stupid bigot.

I lol at fools who can't spell sandwich.

iamfuckedarenti 0

he's a man lol

a good point, though I imagine most people would go for a more dessert-y food flavor

Honesty, who would do that...?

This kinda sounds fake...I mean, how many sex-to-sandwich FMLs are there on this site? I've seen four already.

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#28 tht was grreeeatttt. and thts funny OP

it can't be a man if she was expecting him to bring back a condom, you can't get a man pregnant. she prob borrowed an account to post this.

First.... hehe take that twelve (pats self on back)

Might want to be a bit more specific next time. Lol.

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i lolled.

y didn't u make him a sandwich b4 u started?

Dillybar 0

Should've asked him to eat you out if he was so hungry...

CaptSkippy 9

dillybar should no that I got a new iPod and my KAW account is gone :(

What kind of drugs are you on..?

You're either a really crappy lay, your boyfriend's secretly gay, or this is fake.

Notice that OP is a male. Therefore, it's pretty safe to assume that his bf is openly gay.

It's possible to accidentally click the wrong select, you know.

Oh dear. Can I pretend I knew that and just forgot to type the "not" in "not gay"? :p I think because I'm straight I just always assume that when there's a boyfriend being referred to it's by a female. Oops. I do try to remember to check the sex of the OP, but I guess I'm only human. I still stand with option 1 and 3 though.

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It must be a mistake. They can't be gay. Then why would he be getting a condom? Afraid of getting pregnant, man?

hecuva 0

I love how for this ONE FML everyone is assuming they might have chosen the wrong gender because if it was right it means that they're gay. Where as the ones about people's boyfriends and they put that they are female noone says anything

CL41RE 0

And if you say stds then why would they be doing it if they thought they had stds?

GR3453m0nk3y 4

yeah either one of them has some type of infection or the OP picked the wrong gender or some random dude wrote it not realizing that his gender was male and submitting a fake FML

Oh my god....for one thing, 50% of sexually active people have some form of herpes. This is just a fact. Second, with things like AIDs it takes a long time for it to show up in your system, and third, they may not have been together for a really long time and you never know if one of them might be cheating or lying. Geez.

dg72592_fml 0

i mean condoms can also be for prevention of diseases.

50% of sexually active people do NOT have a debilitating form of herpes... And if its not debilitating, but some random alteration of the body that leaves the body largely unnaffected (maybe they're immune to alien plagues?!) then it remains irrelevant

AXavierB 1

Gay couples use condoms too. They can protect against STDs, not just pregnancies.

Wait to put ur foot in ur mouth!!

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The man was hungry obviously.

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FYL lol ur boyfriend is a loser

OP is a male, #5, try to use your brain on this one

Your boyfriend is full of win.

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Yes, yes he is. @OP So, your boyfriend was hungry... I don't see the FML in that BUT FYL anyway, because i nearly shat my pants. I find myself wondering what the conversation was like after he came in with a sandwich. Hmmm... More importantly, what kind of sandwich was it?

homedoggieo 0

I second this question. I want all the juicy details.

that isnt FYL i think she totally deserves a sandwich :D

@9- So you think OP is wrong about their gender? Interesting. Fuck you, they didn't have to choose to display their gender, so it is safe to assume that they picked the right one if they took the time to select it. OP, maybe you should talk to him.

Not true... some people FORGET to change the gender and don't notice it... and sometimes you click the wrong option, it's happened to me before... so don't go saying fuck you to every person just because it was on the internet, because you wouldn't say it if you were really talking to the person, and FYI he was just stating that there is a possibility that the person who wrote this didn't look at the gender when submitting because he/she was too busy being angry about the sandwich.

I think the OP is wrong about their gender. I didn't think gay guys used condoms. But who gives a shit and what does that have to do with this FML? Back on topic.. OP, FYL.

homedoggieo 0

Gay guys can and do use condoms. The lack of them lead to the spread of AIDS.

Um... STD's? Condoms aren't just for contraception, you know.

STDs for one, as everyone else said. I'm surprised no one brought up UTIs and mess in the case of anal.