By "Elisabeth Marie Norman" - / Thursday 17 January 2019 12:00 /
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By  simmpandher  |  24

Lol, better than receiving a stick.. it's the thought that matters.

By  Annesauce  |  4

I always agree to a gift budget with my SO for birthdays and Christmas for this reason.

Once, a boyfriend got me a pair of socks for my birthday, then an hour later, proceeded to spend $200 on CDs and movies for himself. I always put a great deal of thought and effort into his gifts. So I understand your disappointment.

  tounces7  |  26

I don't see how a gift budget is going to make it so that the person you're with is less of a selfish dickbag though. May as well let their true colors show so you can dump them sooner rather than later.