By Ob3nie - 14/07/2014 17:45 - United States - San Francisco

Today, me and my boyfriend decided to have some fun in my room before my parents got home. My phone started vibrating half-way through, and when I saw my mom's picture, I reflexively answered. It wasn't a phone call. It was a face time. Busted. FML
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Couldn't you have ignored it completely?

Ydi for actually picking up the phone while getting it on


Couldn't you have ignored it completely?

Just do the good old bad connection trick with your thumb covering the camera...

Guess there wasn't much fun goin on if you had time to answer a face time.

OP most likely answered because the parents might have gotten suspicious if she didn't, knowing she was alone with her boyfriend. I know mine were like that

If she thought it was a phone call, wouldn't she have held it up to her ear so her mom wouldn't have seen anything?

jazzy_123 20

or maybe OP is into talking on the phone while getting it on

Yeah, 35, but there's usually a moment between answering it and getting the phone to your ear. OP's mom might have only gotten a quick glimpse, but depending on the angle the phone was held at/the positions OP and her boyfriend were in, it would've been enough.

Personally if I was lying down and the phone rang, I would reach over to answer it and then put it on speaker phone 'cause I'm lazy...meaning there would still be a picture. Maybe that's what OP did?

ShortyJorty 9

One never ignores their mom. The danger of that missed FaceTime would be worse than the embarrassment of mom seeing OP getting it on. Never ignore mom.

@72, Hope you're joking.

78 probably has a non-terrifying mom.

I might have answered just to make sure they weren't almost home or something.

Ydi for actually picking up the phone while getting it on

lexiieeex3 32

But didn't OP see the "connecting" sign? It usually takes a while for both parties to see each other... I'm calling BS.

It must not have been very good "fun" if you checked your phone halfway through

Not to mention OP thinks they wouldn't get caught if it was a normal phone call which means not much moaning was going on. And if there ain't moaning you're doing something wrong.

What really gets to me about this is that it says "halfway through." So they continued after they were busted?

Reflexes can backfire sometimes.

football98_fml 20

Doesn't it have to connect before she can actually see you? You could've hung up in that 3-4 seconds. Sorry OP but YDI

Man mothers are psychics

This could mean one of two things.

You should have put it up to your head

Respect101 17

She shouldn't have answered it in the first place. Just call back later and say I was in the bathroom or some lame excuse.

this will get down voted but.... ask her if she wants to to join, why not? just do it out of incest

football98_fml 20

As if her getting caught isn't bad enough

My question is why you answered.. Let that shit go to voicemail!

Maybe She'd Get In Trouble If She Wouldn't Answer.

74 - Maybe You Should Learn How To Use Capital Letters Properly.

94 - Really? I was obviously just mocking 74.

Toughsky 23

If your getting in trouble for having sex you shouldn't even try to especially knowing your parents can be back any minute.

Its kinky knowing you could be caught at anytime.