By TheBarker69 - / Friday 11 January 2019 02:00 /
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By  ajh1800  |  24

I'm confused. Citronella is an essential oil. How did oil set off the fire alarm? By that logic, no one would be able to use cooking spray in their apartment, and if it sprays out enough citronella to set off a fire alarm, your dog probably shouldn't be wearing it...

By  simmpandher  |  24

If it's meant for a dog... leave it on a dog... because of your stupidity, someone got hurt. Was it seriously worth it?

By  alycion  |  31

Dogs don’t wear those willingly. They would take them off if they could. You did it on your own free will. This makes your dog smarter than you.

But what other stupid thing did you leave out. The collar shouldn’t have set off the fire alarm. Are you sure the timing didn’t coincide with someone else’s alarm being set off?

By  raven_of_azarath  |  28

So either it was also a shock collar and you and your friend burned your skin, thus producing smoke to set off the alarm, or you have absolutely no idea how essential oils and smoke alarms work.

  dedanjel  |  31

There are some collars out there that do. Most dogs don't like the smell, so when it sprays as they bark, they associate the smell with the behavior. It's considered more humane than shock collars in certain circles.

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