By no snow day - 05/02/2014 14:07 - United States - Round Lake

Today, like every day, I had to walk to my bus stop. The only difference today is there was snow and ice over everything. Not only did I slip and fall, soaking both myself and the contents of my bag, the bus driver saw me there at the bus stop and drove straight past. FML
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Your* Otherwise you're insulting OP by telling her she's a specific part of a bus driver's posterior region.


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Unfortanately that's the world we live in

^ can't help but remembering this old song "ouh baby baby it's a wiild world..." (performed by cat stevens)

Also performed by Sid Jenkins and company

I'm sorry that your morning didn't go so well. Hopefully the rest of your day was better. :)

Boo freaking hoo, we've had snow and ice in Chicago every day since December...

#43, your point is? Maybe you should be used to it by now. Getting snow all the time hasn't stopped you from bitching. Why can't OP vent about her shitty day?

Yeah, #43 that kind of a bitch move... I live in Central Florida, and the last few days its been in the 80° range but today it was in the 50° and did I freeze? Yes. It depends where you live, plus you couldn't last a day in 98° weather during June

lol I kind of think it is funny how people complain about being to hot and to cold... I have both extremes... Many -20 or lower days in winter and many days in the high 90s in the summer (not quite as extreme as some places) but there are climates everywhere that fit anyone wants, it just seems nobody lives in the climate they would like the most.

Your* Otherwise you're insulting OP by telling her she's a specific part of a bus driver's posterior region.

Well #18 at least she tried grammar :)

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What a jerk! Could you maybe call the bus company and complain?

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There snow way you could still walk if you bussed your knee so thank god that didn't happen.

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I think that "There snow" was enough.

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*pats indianboy's back* there there....... We all fail at grammar sometimes........ Maybe........

Did you at least get his license plate? If you did, report him.

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It's a bus, so provided OP knows the company running the bus she can call in to complain. Using the location and time they could trace it back.

27. Unless OP's city is anything like mine. Then the times don't matter and the schedules are made up.

@39, that sounds like the rules to Whose Line Is It Anyway.

Gotta love Illinois. Hopefully you weren't terribly hurt.