By Mary - 16/02/2010 00:08 - United States

Today, like all days, my cat brought something to my doorstep. Usually it's a slew of dead mice, but this time he brought this big, ugly snake. I'm always the only one in my family "brave" enough to go fetch our cat's gifts. It took until lifting it up to realize the snake wasn't dead. FML
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animals do that because they like you. kind of like a " look what I did mommy" sort of thing

You save the snake's life! My hero! :p


Ouch, that has to suck :( fyl

you deserve it for having a family Rolf

What the fuck? U dont even Kno if OP got bit or not.. UR a Dumbass go Skrew urself..

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@2: What the fuck? 90% of people have relatives or a family. Also, ROLF? Rolling on laugh flooring?

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Why did you. Stop your story in the middle. Of a sentence, like this.

ydi for not killing the cat already.

Kylias 6

#86 I came here just to say that.

idiot. u cant blame the guy for not killing the damn cat! its their natural instinct! you shouldnt kill it just for that!


wow troll successful, wtf ydi for having a family? anyways you could always keep the snake as a pet

the snake probably was dead... they can still bite you up to an hour after death, if I remember correctly.

You save the snake's life! My hero! :p

always smash a snakes head with a metal baseball bat before relocating it.

omigawd a snake. not a big deal

OP ydi for not being more careful. best to cut off it's head or bash it's head in before touching it... your lucky you didn't get a poisonous one...

why does everyone hate snakes, they're amazing creatures!?

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110- snakes are the devils creatures lol

111- yes, just like all cats should be killed because theyre familiars to witches.

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I thought snakes hid during the winter...

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apparently it didn't hide good enough since the cat found it rofl

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haha I guess...

Where did you get that it's winter from? Just wondering.

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so... you like snakes Snickerdoodles?

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wooah, that's a surprice!

lmfao.....creeper...... lmfao !!!

This is one of the reasons I strongly prefer indoor cats.

is your kitty okay?

animals do that because they like you. kind of like a " look what I did mommy" sort of thing

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that's sweet!

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Or the cat thinks you are a poor hunter and wants to feed you so you wont starve.

very nice!!!