By mojolady - 16/02/2011 14:26

Today, lice were found in my hair. At the hair salon. I'm now banned from that salon. FML
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And you didn't notice from the itching, or the little white eggs?

Just fix your lice problem and find a different salon. If I were you op I wouldn’t want to go back to that salon.


Wow ydi for living in a dumpster

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ur a fucking idiot. lice don't like dirty hair. facts DUDE. get your brain out of the dumpster faggot

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lice are attracted to clean people.

Yah but lice are born through uncleanness.

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I hope you're kidding.

Haha, are you kidding me? You can be the cleanest person out there, and wear a hat that contains lice and get it. It's just passed on. Doesn't mean you have hygiene issues!

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I hope you're kidding.

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ur a dumbass -1

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#25,, my doctor said that lice are found on clean people more often than dirty people because the like to live on clean heads

And you didn't notice from the itching, or the little white eggs?

why would you go to a salon and not your GP when u have lice? I dont believe you since lice itch like hell and annoys your scalp and you would know if you had any. YDI OP

I'm a hairstylist. Not everyone knows they have lice, they just think they have dry skin. So when I tell a client they have lice they never believe me until I show them.

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Aww damn! That's messed up! They should've offered you a treatment since it is a hair salon. >:/

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Typical. Glad I am what I am. @ #5 Hairsylist doesn't = exterminator

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Why? I don't know of any salons that treat lice. Also, OP deserved to be banned. It's not unreasonable at all.

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why would they want to treat her lice? I would ban her too

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no she should be banned they shouldnt have yo "treat" your hair that puts them at risk of infecting others

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FYL for having lice, but not for being banned from the salon. You wouldn't want to infect every other customer at the salon with lice, would you?

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but you can't have lice forever so I don't understand the banned part. that's just stupid.

if the hair salon is cleaning it's tools like it should be there'd be no chance of that happening.

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that's horrible. you could probably file a lawsuit. I'm a hairstylist, the proper way to do that would be inform you and quietly tell you to get it checked out. you might also inform them lice come and go, and can only co exist on someone with a clean scalp and hair ( they can't attach to greasy hair). I would go back in there and if anything let them know how unproffessional they are. I'd ask for the owners name and contact info and if anything, scare the shit out of those stylists.

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OP would have a right to file a law suit because you can't ban someone from an establishment for an un just reason. politely asking OP to leave and advising them that until they take care of the problem they unfortunately would not be able to come back for fear os spreading the lice. but you can't ban them forever. sorry, but I've never heard of "chronic lice."

OP could have just been exaggerating... do hair salons even have that good of a memory?

I'm sorry but unjust reason ? The girl has lice . Lice spread extremely easily ! They let her stay and someone sits on her seat after and BHAM...the lice is already spreading . They get known for giving people lice and they lose custom aka money . OP YDI get it treated ffs !

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I'm sorry kids but unless any of you are LISCENSED like myself and educated in the proper treatment of lice, close your mouth. the only RiGhT thing to do would be ask her to leave and get it checked out without making a scene. if any person who has ever had lice was banned from a salon the salons would go broke. it is NEVER okay to permanently ban someone from an establishment for that. show me your cosmetology liscense and I'll conside your opinions....ThANks

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they CAn refuse service until the problem is treated. actually by law they can not service the client. but to BAN them for a temporary problem is unprofessional. are you licensed in how to treat lice? no, alright then enough self righteousness sucker

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they have the right to refuse until the problem is solved but not ban for all eternity. it's unprofessional and you're wrong. period.

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YDI for eating potato skin and Ke$ha CDs

I don't blame them. No offense but legally they have to sterilize the entire salon if they see even one lice. It's not worth it.

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boo hoo let's report people waaah

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FYL for having lice. it's not permanent, get treated and quit bitchin'

Exactly ! If you're old enough to bitch about it on here then you're old enough to realise you have lice and get rid of them !

Just fix your lice problem and find a different salon. If I were you op I wouldn’t want to go back to that salon.