By Anonymous - United Kingdom - Watford
  Today, let's just say it's not always a good idea to storm into your mum's bedroom after hearing several loud slaps accompanied by yelps. What sounds like domestic violence might just be your mum and step-dad's foreplay. For Christ's sake, I need brain bleach. FML
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  HarshD9619  |  34

To everyone saying he should've knocked, think about this: If you think your mother is getting beaten up, what's the first thing to do? Barge in the room and protect her or knock first?

  NellieeNell  |  18

If I heard noises that sounded like domestic violence the last thing I would think of doing would be to knock. So I completely understand OP's dilemma. #42 I'm sure if you were ever in that position you wouldn't knock either...let's be real.

  peceout  |  29

I'm not saying that they shouldn't show their love towards one and other in their own home, but that I think it would be better if they hadn't had sex while their son was home. They do of course have the right to express their love for each other.

By  kenjenkei  |  32

Well hey, you were just being a good son- and a great person. :) Bravo for your bravery!

Maybe try an acid bath for your brain though- some sights just cannot be unseen. D:

By  Miss_Terri  |  2

if you're gonna play the hero, there WILL be scars =p

but seriously get your mom to lock the door from now onwards when she feels the need to "confess her bad deeds".