By Anonymous - 25/10/2014 21:31 - United Kingdom - Watford

Today, let's just say it's not always a good idea to storm into your mum's bedroom after hearing several loud slaps accompanied by yelps. What sounds like domestic violence might just be your mum and step-dad's foreplay. For Christ's sake, I need brain bleach. FML
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MzZombicidal 36

You should never EVER just walk right into your parents room. >.< The reason why you did it is sweet, though. You're a good son. :)

Always knock!


Always knock!

I feel bad that you had to experience that! I have too! But after awhile it gets less and less gross (doesn't mean that it's still not gross)

To everyone saying he should've knocked, think about this: If you think your mother is getting beaten up, what's the first thing to do? Barge in the room and protect her or knock first?

#7, I'm worried about how many times you've walked in on that scene.... And how you are becoming conditioned to it!

32- You. Knock. If no answer or a gruff "GO AWAY", barge in. If an answer by either person, press your ear against the door to confirm.

Why am I getting down voted, all I said was that after awhile it gets less and less gross

killerdana 19

Because it sounds like you keep waking in on your parents all the time :)

NellieeNell 18

If I heard noises that sounded like domestic violence the last thing I would think of doing would be to knock. So I completely understand OP's dilemma. #42 I'm sure if you were ever in that position you wouldn't knock either...let's be real.

ExtremeEncounter 32

They couldn't tone it down a bit?

MzZombicidal 36

You should never EVER just walk right into your parents room. >.< The reason why you did it is sweet, though. You're a good son. :)

I do agree with You. But they really shouldn't have had foreplay or sex when he's home, due to the risk of getting caugth.

yeah, damn parents, they shouldn't express their love for each other in their own home and their own bedroom

just not loud foreplay.

I'm not saying that they shouldn't show their love towards one and other in their own home, but that I think it would be better if they hadn't had sex while their son was home. They do of course have the right to express their love for each other.

57, and their son is home all the time? honeychild, when you expect things gonna happen??

You're right. I've seen the errors in My thinking. Just try to ignore the previous comments of mine.

Karenezzy 20

Why wasn't their door locked??

SnowKitten 14

Not many people have locks on their bedrooms. Some don't even have locks on the toilet.

#12 OMG I would DIE if there wasn't any lock on the door for the bathroom!

Well don't come to my house then or your fucked

Her fucked what, 38?

#37 was talking to #12 ... saying theyde be f**ked if they went to his cshe domt have a bathroom door lock. and she said shed die if they didnt have them

I'm so sorry OP!!!! There is no brain bleach, if there was, I would have emptied out the stocks in stores long ago

How 'bout mental floss?

Never just barge in with a door closed...and locking it is a good idea as well...

Why would you ever do that you should have put two and two together

Well hey, you were just being a good son- and a great person. :) Bravo for your bravery! Maybe try an acid bath for your brain though- some sights just cannot be unseen. D:

Miss_Terri 2

if you're gonna play the hero, there WILL be scars =p but seriously get your mom to lock the door from now onwards when she feels the need to "confess her bad deeds".

lammm_fml 18

You could just ask her while you are behind the door.. Was it really necessary to run in? But yes FYL, OP these images might hunt your dreams now

So if you thought your mother was being assaulted, you wouldn't go right in to stop it? You'd just stand by the door and ask? Ooookay.

SauceySarah 30

At least you are a good son. I commend you for your actions even though they resulted in a traumatic sight.