By Dana - United States
Today, it was very windy and snowy and the neighborhoods garbage cans were blowing everywhere. I had already brought mine in and I saw my neighbor's being blown away. Thinking I'd be nice, I went out to pick it up. Just before I could however, the wind smashed it into me and I fell on the ice. FML
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  tb15  |  0

That seems to be a common FML theme. some other common themes are...
Crazy b#*@h meets karma
[email protected] meets karma
ridiculous boyfriend/ girlfriend
getting called either fat or ugly

It's nice to see a totally undeserved FML

  fkdUPbruhz  |  0

Fop, grow a dik u tool haha who givs a fk about apostrophes! Meejee, well played my frend, well played. . . But bad luck about the trash smashing u and all that's just plain unlucky