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  Dr0reos  |  8

Yeah but I bet those first class bathrooms are still way nicer then those seats in economy class. So i guess there is a happy ending to this story

  ConesOfDeath  |  0

Why does everyone assume it's vacation? Maybe OP recently got a job that requires a lot of flying and the airline finally gave OP a first class upgrade? My uncle delivers semi trucks and flys. This sounds like that situation to me...

By  kbt13  |  0

At least you got to shit in class.
Shit happens.
What a shitty situation.
Shit was "running" pretty badly huh?
Puns have all been used! Youre welcome fellow commentors.

By  Enslaved  |  36

A few of you are wrong. The bathrooms in first class are exactly the same size as the ones in coach. The only difference is the OP could have asked for a hot towel to clean his/her booty afterwards. :P