By intheairtonight - 25/04/2012 06:22 - United States - Minneapolis

Today, it was snowing, and the campus looked just lovely. I sat on a nearby window ledge to enjoy the view. I was joined by a girl who looked fascinated as well, so I decided to make small talk. She nodded, smiled wistfully, and said, "There's herpes in the air today." FML
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VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

For some reason, I pictured Luna Lovegood saying it.

"There's herpes in the air today." *Awkard silence.* "I hope they have pudding." *Hops off ledge, skips away." Scene.


I'd like to know what u remarked after that !!

may651 14

"Man get the **** out of here." (yes I know it was a women) lol

That would have been the most appropriate response lol :D

I don't understand how this qualifies as an FML.

Torva_fml 16

Op look at pretty snow. Pretty girl come sit by op. Op think girl cute. Op try to talk to girl. Girl randomly blurts out some shit about herpes... Helpful? You're welcome.

You're wrong too, 39. For one thing, OP's a girl. She was joined by a girl who was also fascinated by the snow (it nowhere says that she thinks the girl is pretty). The girl blurts out some random shit, and OP is left there thinking: 'dafuq?'.

Torva_fml 16

Oh, I'm sorry. I guess I was already starting to fantasize about two girls and a lovely snowy background.... And yes, I did realize they were both girls, hence the reason I deleted "then ops penis randomly decided to invert"... So yea... :/

Torva_fml 16

Why my comments keep getting deleted ~.~ RAGE!! not really... :/ but what the hell... Trying to justify why my comment was wrong.. :/

rbaalman 4

If you need justification just dont post

Torva there this is that penis you deleted saying shit while ******** and reading a book on 75's profile picture 0_o with glasses must be nerd one Btw the head is look like darth wader's head Your argument is invalid

Oh shit i said wader sorry Sorry Darth Vader it is...

olpally 32

Her perception of life... Is ****** up! Lol who says that???

TheEpicMilkMan 13

could you imagine what she thinks when its windy out?

She really sounds like one of those psycho girls out there.

Not really psycho, she sounded more kind of unserious ^^ The first I thought about when I heard "herpes in the air" is "love in the air" if herpes is transmitted from contact between lips or mouth, which can be considered a sign of affection or love, hence "herpes in the air"

I think that you are overthinking it just a bit. I'm going to go with her being a little crazy.

Awkward? I found it hysterical. You should've commented "no wonder my allergies are acting up."

gurly98 13
noto_fml 0

Think OP of this FML took the girl a little too srs, she might have just been making a joke. With that said W T F. ***** just weird.

Sparks808 10

This reminded me of Loony Luna in Harry Potter. I could see her saying something like that.

You mean Luna Lovegood? Where's 'Loony' from?

Thats her nickname, dont you know? From lunatic...

160- You obviously haven't read te books or paid attention to the movies if you didn't know that was her nick name.

katcot99 11
VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

For some reason, I pictured Luna Lovegood saying it.

"There's herpes in the air today." *Awkard silence.* "I hope they have pudding." *Hops off ledge, skips away." Scene.

stevenJB 25

Luna is the most adorable person ever!!!! I wish she was real :(

challan 19

Haha me too! I can see the crazy glassy stare and secret smile!

perdix 29

That's funny. I pictured Phil Collins singing it.

Me too! She's probably one of my favourite characters, other than Snape!

muggle_born 6

I swear I was just about to type that!

I wish my girlfriend was as bubbly as Luna.

That's a weird way to say she doesn't like sex

#6 What the hell? Sex isn't even mentioned in the FML.

bingababe 16

# 18 girls have sex with girls believe it or not!