By lizzie - 25/05/2013 06:55 - Canada - Sherwood Park

Today, it was my wedding. Every good wedding has slutty wedding sex, and I thought it would be over after my cousin and his girlfriend were caught in the parking lot. I was wrong, the sluttiest wedding sex goes to my drunk husband and sister in the coat room. FML
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audreyfml1994 15

It's not too late to get it annulled.

This story ended much differently than how I thought it would. You don't have to stay with someone who will disrespect you like that.


audreyfml1994 15

It's not too late to get it annulled.

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Wtf? Work on your reading comprehension

Wizardo 33

"If you ain't no punk, holla we want pre-nup!"

Weak possibility; Maybe he was so drunk he got you and the sister confused. Na, didn't think so. Get rid of the bastard, this won't be the first or the last time.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

And you sound like someone who needs to get laid, 13.

58- Nope, I just sound like someone who realizes there is more to a relationship than sex. It's ok if you don't understand that, though.

62, Not sure if trolling, or just stupid...

OP sounds like a sex crazed freak. YDI.

the old cloakroom trick? wow, I'd be doubly annoyed at the sheer lack of originality.

chowE_fml 4

No sex in the champagne , I mean coat, room.. That sucks I mean especially since weddings are so expensive. Tell that 2-dollar ***** of a sister to help you pay for the wedding which she decided to **** you over on.

You scream divorce, while others scream three way... Which will OP choose?

This particular three way would be incestuous. Gross.

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uhmaizing 3

A far better option is to wait for to finalize, then file for divorce.

well 148 if you're into that....

so sorry OP! you don't deserve that on your happy day. something tells me they've been hooking up before considering they were hiding in the coat room, drunk or not. for your next wedding, don't invite your sister. in fact, i'd be surprised if you talk to her again.

Hey, some of us have pump actions!

I automatically assumed that it was her husband and her sister....but it doesn't specify. After I read it a second time I got her husband and his sister. Anyone want to help clarify? Maybe I'm just sick in the head but the wording...

"my drunk husband and sister" kind of insinuates it's her husband and her sister. If it was his sister it would say 'my drunk husband and his sister'. #173 beat me to it :(

myalterego2 8

O.P.'s husband and sister sure had "pump action"

@#167 You can think of it like this: 1) "My tea and crumpets" 2) "My (drunk husband) and (sister)" The hypothetical speaker of the first sentence is trying to say the same thing as "my tea and my crumpets" right? The same goes for the second sentence which is in the FML. It's OP's sister.

Wait, did the incident occur before or after the ceremony? I assume yes, in which case make it a one day marriage.

hello grammar Nazi I'm context nazi and your "yes" answer does not fit the context of your original question .

Is the op answering yes to both questions? Lol

Oh god a new type of nazi like the grammar ones weren't bad enough...

GoodLookingGeese 10

They evolve or mutate..

Well considering the fml says 'husband'...

This story ended much differently than how I thought it would. You don't have to stay with someone who will disrespect you like that.

One would understand if OP and her sister were twins and the drunk husband took her for his wife.

Except for the fact that OP would have been wearing a wedding dress????

bombroot 9

... That's horrible fyl OP

akg98 13

PLEASE tell me that people often mix her and her sister up and her husband could not tell

MrTaeKwonDo 6

She's wearing a wedding dress. how do you **** that up?

There's no forgiveness in that! Get it annulled and get out of that relationship. Find someone who respects you honey.

larsak 3

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larsak 3


challan 19

why would she want him after he slept with her sister?

larsak 3

Because that's her husband.

8, you are an idiot. With your logic then only **** stars can keep their husband. She doesn't have to prove that she is better. Divorce that douche of a husband and lay the smack down on your sister.

Wealthyparrot 9

Not anymore.

larsak 3

#36 they're married! Getting a divorce over infidelity is not a reason to divorce. It just means she needs to be better at sex to make it work or else he would look elsewhere.

Where the hell do you live where infidelity is even remotely acceptable?

Where the hell do you live where infidelity is even remotely acceptable?

larsak 3

#57 Im raised to not believe in divorce. You're supposed to be with your partner through ALL the crazy ups and downs no matter what.

larsak, you're ******* stupid. You think divorce should never happen? Well what if the person you were with beat you, raped your kid, all manner of sick things; you would still stay with them? Someone is going to use you one day

Edit: Comment I replied to got removed.

mybarra6 17

Larsak you're an idiot, just stop talking already.

So was I. But adultery is out of the question. Fights, children and what not is not a reason to divorce. If OP continues to be this douches wife, then he will continue to cheat. Your logic on marriage is very flawed.

I don't think it's alright to consummate your marriage with your wifes sister... But that's just my opinion :3

moniquita89 8

Wow!! You need a divorce ASAP

Is there something in the water up there? Damn.