By scarredforlife - 08/08/2009 01:34 - United States

Today, it was my mom's birthday, I planned to wish her a happy birthday as she woke up. I opened the door to her room only to see my dad dancing around in an American flag thong. Grimacing in pain I closed the door right away. Not only am I forever disturbed, but now my dad is asking me how he looks naked. FML
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What has been seen cannot be unseen, sadly. *shutters at the mere thought*

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Well at least he's patriotic...


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Just saying, first. Also lolol dads rock.

YDI for having a mom whose birthday happens to be the day you have a dad.

YDI for beating homeless children.

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YDI for planning the disaster of 9/11

amerrah 4

@17, Your A Dumbass.

has happened to me but with my uncle dancing to my aunt it was a really akward moment

tell him he looked hot?

What has been seen cannot be unseen, sadly. *shutters at the mere thought*

Well... it could be worse... it could have been your mom, or you could have been a girl.

Mom would not have been worse.

how do you know it's not a girl? I really hope it's not. FYL op

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Well at least he's patriotic...

It takes more than the American Flag in possession to be Patriotic.

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If he was patriotic he'd know that the American flag is not to be used as clothing, except as a patch on military personnel.

LMAO at #4!! But yeah, #7's right, waving around an American flag does make you patriotic.

haha learn to tale a joke man

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haha we all know you went back to take a second look..

Some people have all the luck..... XD

Haha that comment just made my year! Well how did he look. I bet your jelous of your mom 

Good to hear! Thats the first one of my comments to make anybodies year.

I think many people would rather have the treat of sleeping in on their birthday. You could have at least made breakfast if your plan was to wish her happy birthday as she woke up.

Exactly. OP: for your mom's birthday how about you make her a gift of some privacy and good manners?

thats what i'm saying. always knock, it avoids any awkward situation possible lol.

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Hosay can he see YDI for going in their room when your mom is having a birthday.

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Oh god fyl i'm sorry

now you know to nock.