By birthday bash - 04/01/2010 02:38 - France

Today, it was my girlfriend's birthday. She decided that her "gift to herself" would be to leave the loser who has been holding her back for two years. Hello, my name is Ben, and I am that loser. FML
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fullyhalfempty 0

You're a winner to me, Ben.

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crumsnatcha 4

I'm an anus.

like_its_ya_bday 0

aw :(

No need to be an asshole man...

Is it just me, or does almost EVERY person who comments on old FMLs thumb themselves up out of desperate insecurity?

FusionPlacebo 26

There's one thumbs up on your post. Did you do that?

Hahahah Taya what u et for being a virgin....

carlablob 0


He's not a virgin. He said he hadn't in a while. Not that he hasn't ever.

fullyhalfempty 0

You're a winner to me, Ben.

astheworldfalls 0

*gives Ben a big hug* She didn't deserve you sweetie

Was her name Sarah?

that sucks, man. sorry to hear that.

YDI for holding her back for two years!

I love how whether or not you get a ydi or fyl is completely based on how much people (read:girls) project their relationships onto yours.

Lolwut? I'm happy with my woman!

I'm not a girl, and I have to say, "Holding her back" gets some serious projection out of me. I'm glad she got out from under that loser.

fallen_dragonkin 12

she must have had a reason to do that, two years together is quite a long time.

AliceStrange 0

You probably deserved it

Hey Ben, YDI for not being more inspiring. Girls need a strong lead. If you want to keep her all you had to do was to bed her right. Even just once is enough, she'll cling onto you for a LOOOONG time. Never fails, even when you want it to fail. Take the hit, move on, find another girl. This time do it right.

HeyHeyFishFillet 34

It's as if you made this comment with the sole intention of getting thumbed down and buried...

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ydi for having the name Ben :) haha

Words cannot describe how much I would like to kick you in the crotch.

EveryDayJackAss 0

Wow, at least did you get to french kiss her? wonder