By JaneDoe - United States - Salisbury
Today, it was my friend's birthday, so I baked him a cake complete with his name written on it in homemade frosting. After I gave it to him, his mother berated me for it, saying I should have checked with her first before making a cake for her son. He's 28. FML
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  sulitak  |  27

only acceptable if the Mom is a baker and that's "her gift" yearly. likelihood: low

Sorry OP, sounds like its time to cut the umbilical cord on that one!

  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Even then, the guy is just a friend. Some men don't want to hurt their mom's feelings. For instance, I asked when my boyfriend wanted to celebrated his birthday with his mom, brother, nephews and I and then him and I. He actually chose to be with me on his birthday, in which I made him a cake. A couple days later, we celebrated with his family. He's very close to his mom so I was blown away that be chose to be with only me on his birthday. His response was, "I didn't want to hurt my mom's feelings so she thinks we just took it easy tonight." I'm lucky; he knows how to balance his closeness to his mom, without hurting her feelings, all whole not putting me off to the side.

  Pleonasm  |  34

Her Cheesecake brings all the boys to the yard, his mom's like, it's better than mine, his mom's like, it's better than mine, she could teach her, but she'd have to charge.

  wldd0g  |  9

Sounds like the perfect cake to throw at the mother. Complete with homemade icing. Perhaps then the 28 year old boyfriend can stand up for you and quit being a mommies boy.

  StarThrower  |  17

Probably, but I like "undone" better. It's poetic, and it implies that the thought of losing her son's attention throws her to the ground in ceaseless pain and terror, her very being's profound loneliness, tightly wrapped in layers of insecure attachment, exposed to the world, like an infected wound. To face her weaknesses, her hidden traumas and insecurities, her true self, is agonizing. It's an uncharted territory, with harsh terrain and unforgiving winds. And she must embark on it. Alone.

  StarThrower  |  17

Never been to one, but I imagine it would be a fun experience, if taken with a grain of salt and a healthy dose of irony :)
Let them have their spotlight where it is welcome, it's the healthiest way to get natural attention needs met.

By  DjeePee  |  24

Maybe she has bought so much food that she fears it will all end up in the thrash, certainly with an extra, unexpected cake. Only logical explanation I can think about.

By  yoursucklives  |  36

i don't bake my boyfriend a cake for his birthday, because i know his mother does. if that's the case, you could have checked with her first. if not, then she should stop "protecting" her little boy.

  MissMess  |  12

Even so there's no harm in having two cakes? In my experience they don't go to waste!! Sounds to me like the mother is just stupidly precious about her son. I have a pact with my hubby that he promises to tell me when I'm being an overbearing mother hen haha!