By divingconfidence - United States - Maple Grove
Today, it was my first time at the club. I saw a really cute girl. I finally worked up the courage to ask her to dance. Before I even got within five feet of her, she looked me in the eyes and vehemently shook her head. I did a 180. My friends saw everything. They are still laughing. FML
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  RaggleFrock  |  13

I'm sure you've never laughed at a friend who wasn't laughing with you.
It will turn into a 'remember that one time when...' Stories and he will laugh about it eventually. Nothing like getting your ego kicked in the nuts.

  seandoc  |  13

#6: Either way, laughing at a friend's mistakes and injuries just show that you have a sense of humor. Chances are that OP two minutes earlier said to all of his friends "Watch me pick up this chick and dance with her."

  RvidxrKlvn  |  8

I've said this once and i'll say it again.

You think OP's friends are assholes for laughing at him but here you are, on a website based on the shitty misfortunes of others.

  JoeGrant  |  12

79- as true as that is, emotions being more important than looks, that doesn't really apply at a could OP know any females there personally, especially the one he went up to. So in this case, looks kind of mean everything.