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Today, it was my first time as a hockey referee, for a game played by 7-year-olds. At one point, a little boy tripped another boy. Doing my job, I gave him 2 minutes in the penalty box. After the game, I was attacked by a mob of parents. I was even given an optometrist's business card. FML
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You're a referee, expect people to hate you.

Susieee_Q 9

Ahh parents during their children's sporting events and whatnot.


Susieee_Q 9

Ahh parents during their children's sporting events and whatnot.

XenaWP 6

Children playing sport- should be police on site at all times. What's worse is those children killing machines they drive around- SUVs

They should be banned and just watch the game on tape later

compasseagle89 8

seriously, it's for 7 year olds. why do people get so up in arms about children's sporting events?

25, it's because the parents want their little boy or girl to do well at something the parents themselves may have tried to do and failed. That's how it tends to be. If they can't do it themselves, next best is their offspring.

n_epic_fail 14

A parents ego + a hatred for referees = a funny FML...

All I can say is when it's a game for seven year olds, I can sorta see a parent getting pissed about their son being put in the penalty box. Just cuz it's a game of 7 year olds and u tend to just be there do noone gets hurt and not to put them in the box...

12. Yes because driving an SUV is basically like piloting Arnold Schwarzenegger in terminator.. Doesn't matter what you drive, it's the driver not the car that kills people, and most people can operate a motor vehicle but can't "Drive" a motor vehicle.

#35 That's the reason why I was "highly encouraged" To Graduate High School, get a Double Diploma in I.T from technical college and currently study at University. So I can understand what you are saying. My parents never graduated from High School and had to go to night school so that's why they encouraged me go do what they couldn't do. On topic though I guess the parents were over protective of their children and thought they couldn't do anything against the rules lol

JurassicHole 5

I remember reffing at a juvenile wrestling tournament and it was the final match. You're usually supposed to get down on your stomach to check if it's a pin, but it was obvious cause the kid wasn't moving so I called it. After the match all the people supporting the kid who lost kept saying I was a failure at life and I'm lucky that my coach is here or they'd beat the shit out of me. Needless to say I've never reffereed again lol. I feel your pain OP.

drewfus2 6

Ahh, parents living vicariously through their children.

48, Yeah who wants their kids to learn about fair play, ensure safety and generally learn how to play a game properly? Its much better to just be a badly dressed on field security guard, its the best way for kids to learn. 50, SUV's ARE more dangerous because of the design of the car. Whether the individual is a bad driver or not, there is a lack of visibility and functional impairment that comes with driving those things.

Whenever I go to a kids sporting event I just watch the parents. Its better than watching the game.

zurisbloodyrose 0

it's still ****** up that parents blame the ref for their child purposely fracturing another kids wrist and getting punished for it. This happened at my sisters soccer game once.

You're a referee, expect people to hate you.

"ref get off your knees, you're ******* blowing the game!"

I used to be a referee like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

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47- SKYRIM! Awwwwww yreeeaaaah.

Sure refs know people are going to hate them but it's not right for them to do that! They are ******* 7, people need to calm down when it comes to sporting events

Wow Adults act more immature then their kids sometimes

PYLrulz 17

Very true. I play hockey on Saturday nights, and before I play, there are youth games I usually watch. How some parents act during those games, it's just flat out embarrassing.

fatalkiss 0

Hockey gets violent. If it's not the players, it's...their parents. Apparently.

RedPillSucks 31

sigh!... Unfortunately, at hockey and soccer matches, parents have beaten other parents to death. At least football games (that I attend) have two bleachers, one set for each teams parents. Unfortunately, there's no way to control what happens after the game. The best a ref can do is get a real close parking spot an leave quickly and quietly.

deadbabies 0

Ydi for not making regular optometrist appointments

30- obviously not -.- He was joking. Chill.

Don't worry 5, some of us understand your sarcasm lol I really think the Internet could benefit from a sarcasm font. Almost like italicizing then words or something. Idk haha

That's what you get for putting little boys in boxes. Did you tell him he'd been very naughty?

saIty 17

Huh? What? Jerry Sandusky? . . . . Too soon?

Yeah just a bit too soon. I thumbed it up though.

eliasqfuntybunt 2

Jerry Sandusky thumbed it up a little too soon too.

bizarre_ftw 21

Sandusky jokes are Never too soon!!! The more taboo they are the more fun!!! The guy is a horrible asshole, he deserves to have his name destroyed for generations and beyond on the Internet!

8- I heard people use them since the story came out.

Too bad for all of the other Sanduskys in the world (who are good people) esp. those also named Jerry, to have their name so, so tarnished.... :-(

perdix 29

If you were in a place where they took hockey really seriously, you would have been given references to a proctologist and an exorcist, too. Cheating refs are not only blind, but they are also assholes whose souls are possessed by Satan.

Torva_fml 16

Why are people thumbing this down? It's true... Some places get REALLY into sports.

bizarre_ftw 21

Like cape cod. Every single one of my cousins plays hockey! It's bizarre! Then again, the place is seasonal. Not much to do if you're there year round but swim and play hockey. Basically I agree and have a tendency to ramble

I've played basically every major sport at a competitive level aside from baseball, but I've noticed that hockey parents are the most ridiculous when it comes to freaking out but having no clue what they are saying lol

thiscrazything 1

Don't worry about it, ref's are never loved. Just keep doing your job the best you can, but be sure to hide your car so they don't slash your tires.

EvilTwerp 12

I'd bring a blow horn next time. If you piss off the parents again, at least then you'll have something that hurts their ears. You could even duct tape the button down, leave it and run.