By Bob smith - 19/12/2011 20:57 - Australia

Today, it was my first day working as a nightclub bartender. All through the evening, a really creepy bloke stood in a dark corner and leered at the girls on the dance floor. When I took the bouncer to one side to let him know, he told me the man was a coat stand. FML
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an* Muahaha. Grammar nazi strikes again.

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Human coat stands? We have become en-slaved by coat stands

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43- Um, just a question. I was kinda wondering how that related to the first comment? Could you maybe explain that to me?

It doesn't sound like he wasted more than a few seconds of conversation. It's probably safe to infer he was tending bar the whole time he was eyeballing the creepy coat rack. Don't sweat it, OP. Better safe than sorry, eh?

Not the conversation you idiot, the time wasted looking at the coat stand.

1-lmaoo XD people, have a sense of humor!

Almost as much of a waste of time as your comment.

How is that funny? Why are you "laughing your ass off"? If it was funny, we'd laugh, however I don't think it was even meant be a joke.

Hey no.80 you from Singapore? And everyone stfu about Nazis because it's over. so quit associating things with it.

93, I feel that it is my job to inform you that they are not talking about the actual Nazi party. A grammar Nazi is someone who corrects people who were too stupid to pay attention in English class, or made a mistake which then makes them look dumb.

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99- Internet grammar doesn't matter, so I don't see how that makes people stupid or lazy in English class.

#37 it's spelt* not "spelled". Nice try being a douche bag to someone trying to have a little fun, you fail.

@133- Actually, you can use either "spelled" or "spelt". Personally, I think "spelled" sounds better. Don't chastise people for "failing" when you don't know what you're talking about, 'kay?

142, you may as well have just written: "I'm ready to die now, KaySL,".

^^ Oh no he didn't! I expect shit to fly now. Damn. Guy before me beat me to it. And made it wittier. Thank you, edit function.

146- Loosely quoting "Calvin and Hobbes" I recall that a conversation is a game and you win by waiting for the opponent to take a breath before intercepting their thought process and running the other way with it. By the way you just scored yourself a point of your own with your nice play.

***** already flying and yeah I would like some milk if you have any. Did you try to insult me for not having 1800 comments? Get a life. Go outside or something.

That could be the implication, yes. And your implication that I engage in homosexuality was feeble as I do not have debate.

I hate to inform you that if my brain had actually been boiled then you would not still be attempting to insult me. I would say something clever about your profile pic but as you do not have one of yourself I am going to assume you are insecure about your appearance and will not try to insult you in that area.

On the topic of hypocritical comments. He's well on his way to 1800 comments and beyond at this rate. Simply having a sizable amount of comments more than him makes you a no-lifer but for some reason he has absolutely nothing better to do at this moment but get his ass kicked repeatedly by KaySL.

Yeah I'm already at 15 comments. Maybe someday i'll be as good as KaySL

^ "OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG HE SLAYED KAYSL!" NOT. Really kid **** off, you're just making her look even better. You're a ****** nolife loser, kid. Haha.

Have you finally accepted defeat? That's a shame, because this was quite interesting to watch.

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Jesus Christ settle down. This is FML, not a cyber war zone. KaySL I agree with you, but there is no need to keep ripping on this little shit. We all know he is dumb as hell. Not trying to make anyone mad here..

DayAndNite- Truth hurts. Also, eventually you will find out that ramming your head against a brick wall is far slower than just getting over it (pun :D) and being done with the situation. Sometimes a good slapping is what you need to see the light.

Haha SOTY, for some reason, when I read that last part of your comment, I was reminded of the male genitalia.

Crap. Your edit makes my comment look retarded. I accept your thumbs downs.

I got your back, homie. I'll give a thumb up.

KaySL you think you're a genius because you can use a dictionary and/or google? Congratulations on the amazing feat. Maybe if you actually had knowledge on the subject you'd know that depending on where you are from it is pronounced differently. Here in Canada, it is spelt spelt. It is not spelt spelled. Forgive me if you are American and you spell spelled as spelled, but I am not wrong, nor stupid, and I do know what I'm talking about.

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177- In comparison to some people on the Internet simply using google as my homepage makes me feel like a genius. And as for pronouncing words in Canada you guys somehow manage to get a-boot out of about. Check the dictionary on that one.

It is spelt in Canada and I cannot answer the rest of your post because it isn't even coherent and makes no logical sense whatsoever. "aboot" is our accents which none of us seem to hear, however I will far take that over saying "ruf" instead of "roof" like Americans say. Ruf is the sound a ******* dog makes, not your ceiling.

"Pardon", but "aboot" is something you put on your foot, "eh"? Either way, as KaySL said, is it wrong everywhere else in the world to write it spelled simply because a portion of Canadians spell it spelt? There are differences in the world, and the best we can do is joke about them instead of arguing.

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How the hell did we go from coat racks looking like people to KaySL destroying some random dipshit thinking he can take on the über-grammar Nazi/debate winner?

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No it is not wrong to say spelled if you are American, I said " I apologize if you are American" and like you said anyone can read back and see it. By the same logic I am not wrong for correcting you because it is incorrect where I come from. And we do not say actually say aboot. It just sounds that way to Americans.. At least I don't bark when talking about a ceiling :)

^ Kid you're a ****** loser, what kind of logic is that shit? Troll logic is what, you'd make more sense with a **** down your throat shut the **** up, maybe no one told you but you failed, thread's dead, you're a joke. Beat it and stop trying to have the last word like a 12 yo.

Awh how cute and typical, swearing and insults in retaliation to your own logic used against you. Ggwp, you lose

Can anyone explain to me why some many peeps are giving the story (not STOY) so many YDI? I cannot fathom an idea in which she deserves the embarrassment of a simple and easy mistake. (Also my most likely vain attempt to get this thread on topic.)

93 No I'm not. What does that have to do with my comment? And where did I mention nazis? Idiots these days.

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Actually it can be spelt or spelled

I'm a third down the page and don't even remember what the original story was about...

Jmalaer, give up. KaySL is both smarter and more popular than you. Trust me, only try correcting people on this site if you are 100% sure you are right, or you will be verbally murdered by quite a few different people.

194- We do not actually say ruf, it just sounds that way to people who don't have an American accent/didn't grow up hearing it pronounced like that.

Gonna throw this out there, I'm Canadian and i've always spelled it as "spelled"

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Mmmm....I shall try this disguise one time ;)

2- the coat stand really enjoyed watching the girls take off their coats ;)

well the hook did look a lot like an erection...

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38- I didn't know wieners were located on the face...

HA! that was funny! And I best I'll get millions of dislikes because nobody has a sense of humor on this site! XD

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I ********** wid dose coathangirs haaha

It's like "that man hasn't moved in hours, what a pervert!" It sound like you didn't think it through, do more investigations next time.

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53, unless of course you're a ********

66 Actually, I thought it was funny too. The only reason you get thumbed down is for saying something is funny I because you point out it is funny. It is pointless to do that. Also people on this site do have a sense of humor, most evil and wicked, but that is besides the point. Unless you were talking about someone with the username "Nobody" then I guess yes, that person may have a sense of humor.

66- jumping to conclusions much? Lots of people have a sense of humor on here. But most of them aren't stupid enough to post "that's so funny!" because who really gives a crap?

Coat stands can be creepy... Beware the coat stand!

I think he should stay away from the alcohol

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Careful, he might follow you home...

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OP leaves and here's a screech and looks o it's just a coat hanger and he gets home and sleeps and the coat hanger says touchy my rod and then op dies o.o

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This fml is hilarious!! The op didn't think that after the person (coat hanger) wasn't moving and standing perfectly still for a while that there was something up?

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Typo meant hears and yes very o.o true life story

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How is he paranoid? He thought it was a creep ass but found out he's a hanger

How could he "leer" if he wasn't real? That usually come with an entire facial expression!

*You're. If you want to insult someone's intelligence, use correct grammar.

12 year old Justin Bieber lover! You are not welcomed with your inferior intelligence!

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Hey asshole. It's spelled "you're". See the irony here?

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92-is that Voldemort petting a bloody bunny? O_o

Well you are pretty stupid too. As other people have pointed out before, it's "you're".

Yes...OP is the stupid one here. Seriously.