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Today, it was my first day of school as a freshman. I soon became lost and decided to ask a senior for directions to my class. They smiled at me and said "It's on the third floor to the right." After ten minutes of walking up and down stairs and hallways, I discovered there is no third floor. FML
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ihatestupidppl 0

Lol we did this to our freshmen too. Somehow we managed to convince a surprising number of them that there was a pool on the 4th floor. Ah high school.

Hey be nice. High school's scary. D:


whiskeyloverrrr 0

YDI you should have known better lol

I know right? You should know that most seniors would probably just take you to the wrong room anyway. Asking a senior for directions is like asking a cat to make a call to pizza hut while bound to a street pole, it aint gonna happen.

Never ask a senior I'm becoming a freshman too and omg so freaky D:

Haha, this is something I would do to a Freshman...even though I'm only a Sophomore :( ...Someday...someday.

same i am so doing shit like that

curryndricegirll 0

lol. YDI for asking a senior. AND YDI for being too dumb to figure out there weren't more stairs.

no one ever did this stuff at my high school and i have definitely have never met anyone who has ever gotten or given a swirly

YDI for asking a douche looking senior, look for the nerdy type that doesnt hang out in a orgy

Eternity_fml 0

Or better yet, just figure out your route with a school map...

you should defiantly know how many floors there are to your school... ydi

Familiarizing yourself with the floor plan of your new school would be quite an act of defiance. A very mild and polite form of defiance, but defiance nevertheless! You probably meant "definitely."

I love you, Plexico.

kaytee05 0

hey I'm gonna be a frosh next year n even I know better than to talk to a senior I don't know. haha silly lil freshman;)

Seniors aren't that bad. Infact most of them are some of my closet friends.

oldskoolman85 0

Ha! freshman are stupid.

I know plenty of stupid freshmen who could have typed that three-word sentence properly. Maybe you should get one to tutor you in basic grammar.

pancakes_n_syrup 0

Panda, you're amazing. ha

curryndricegirll 0

pandasaur, sounds like a bitter freshman to me. don't'll get it next year.

You're right, #159, I'm a freshman. :] A college freshman. I'm a lot more excited than bitter, really. Nice unnecessary comma, by the way. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll know how to use them correctly next year.

Darksun2627 0

#186, I would like to point out that the second sentence of your first "paragraph" and the first sentence of your second "paragraph" are sentence fragments. You require a semicolon or a period instead of the comma in the second sentence of your second "paragraph" since you're linking two independent clauses. That error is called a sentence splicing error. Additionally, #159 did not incorrectly use a comma; when addressing someone directly in a sentence, you must set it off with commas. Before you begin nitpicking at another person's grammar on a random internet comments section, I would suggest that you meticulously review your own to make sure that your grammar is perfect. No one on the INTERWEBZ actually cares about grammar as long as it's readable.

Haha, grammer police-wannabe got owned. Though 159's comment does sound a bit odd with the comma. I guess it works either way. But I agree, no one really cares about grammar on the internet unless it's so distracting you can't even make out what they're trying to say.

Fair enough, #216. :] I never claimed to be perfect with grammar or, as #227 so politely stated, the "grammer police." I just think it's fair to nitpick when someone else is making false assumptions about me. I also think it's fair enough to nitpick if it's pointing out the irony of what someone else is saying. The comma was used incorrectly though. It should be "Pandasaur sounds like a bitter freshman." If the person was addressing me, it should be more like "Pandasur, you sound like a bitter freshman." I'm not going to lose any sleep over it either way. Like you said, no one on the INTERWEBZ cares about grammar--except for the people who write paragraphs correcting it, of course. Now, #227 seems to think that I've gotten owned because some of my errors were brought to my attention. Please excuse me while I go cry about this in a corner.

Darksun2627 0

Just like child molesters shouldn't be preachers, people with poor grammar shouldn't be correcting other people's grammar. I felt compelled to point out your errors because of the supercilious tone with which you posted. I realize that it was to parallel the supercilious tone of the previous poster, but I couldn't resist pointing out the irony. I actually intentionally left a higher-level grammar error in my previous post to see if you'd spot it. If you want to find it, I'll give you a hint: it's in the first sentence of the second "paragraph."

I wouldn't call my grammar "poor." I think I have at least average grammar--especially compared to a lot of the other grammar on the Internet. Sorry if I incorrectly used that dash, by the way. I hope it doesn't upset you too much. Besides, why shouldn't people with poor grammar correct other people's grammar? If the corrections are indeed correct, at least one person has learned better grammar. What's wrong with that? Also, I feel compelled to point out the irony that you earlier said, "No one cares about grammar on the INTERWEBZ." You seem to care about it more than anyone else on this comment section. Honestly, I don't feel like finding the error you left, but I'd like to thank you for trying to entertain me with it. That was a very generous thing for you to do. If you don't have anything else to do, I'll invite you to point out the grammatical errors in this comment. I'd hate to make the same mistakes in the future. :]

Lmao, I just find it irritating when 'grammar police' show up just to point out errors instead of just commenting on the FML, though like what Darksun said, I only noticed now you did that because the other poster called you a 'bitter freshman' first. And don't stress over the 'getting owned' comment, I don't want to be responsible for making a college freshman that's 3 years older than me cry. ;)

Understandable, I guess. Believe it or not, I don't go around grammar policing everyone in my free time--if I did, I tragically wouldn't have time to have a life. I'm happy that you noticed why I did it this time. I'm actually kind of surprised that you missed it the first time around, but eh, shit happens. It's okay. I only cried a little bit. :D So that means you should only feel a little guilty.

FMLandurstoo 9

it's called grammar naziing. if that's even a word

The real FML of this is in these comments....

Aww you were ten minutes late for class? How will you ever overcome such hardship?! :*( ydi

being lost in an unfamiliar place can be scary so stop being an ass

Hey be nice. High school's scary. D:

Yeah maybe for people with no self-confidence and are easily swayed by the opinions of others. Otherwise high school is just a bore. @OP: how did you not know how many floors your school had? You are so very dumb. And how did you know he was a senior anyway? Did he have some shiny badge on him? like, wtf?

for real, when i was a freshman i wasn't freaked out. i think that was the most boring year. OP is stupid for not knowing how many floors the hall has. You can usually tell from the outside of the building

Yeah all Seniors wear badges now, and two from each class get Prefect badges, just like in Hogwarts.

At my school, all the seniors design a shirt the year before they actually become seniors. On the first day of the school year, they all get the shirt that they designed. So the seniors at OP's school might have the same method, therefore they knew said senior was a senior because of their shirt.

In my highschool, everybody has a white shirt amd the standard skirt/pants except for the seniors which have a yellow shirt.

Good job. That senior owned you.

ihatestupidppl 0

Lol we did this to our freshmen too. Somehow we managed to convince a surprising number of them that there was a pool on the 4th floor. Ah high school.

same thing at my high school!!

Same thing at my highschool to .

Layneebby 0

My school is split, there's on school for all freshmen and some sophomores then theres another school for the remaining upperclassmen. The ones in the older school like to try to sell elevator and pool passes, there are no elevators and there is no pool. I thought that was funny cause its completely obvious, they even told us at orientation not to fall for it but some ppl still do.

Wow, I didn't know so many schools had the 4th floor pool rumor. xD I thought it was just ours.

We sell elevator passes and maps but our school only has one floor

Same at my school

gu355_wh0 0

Hahaha! you deserved it stupid frosh!

rid3snow4life 0

ahahahahaha wow thats hilarious

Ron24 0

are you retarded? most upperclassman are dicks to freshmen. why wouldn't you walk into a classroom and ask a teacher for an excuse slip and directions?

exacty what i was thinking.

im in my first year as an upperclassman and i love messing with fish