By x_o - 04/08/2013 20:51 - Hungary - ?ttev?ny

Today, it was my first day at my new job. I had to break up two fistfights, then leave work early with a black eye. This is not what I had in mind when I applied to work at a retirement home. FML
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God, there REALLY needs to be an old people category

Never doubt the left hook of an old woman. They are natures greatest fighters.


Never doubt the left hook of an old woman. They are natures greatest fighters.

I went to a retirement home for running they chase you to your home and say so much shit to your grandparents

I think he meant he got run out of a retirement home by the residents.. But if they can't run what would it be? Wheeled out..?

No kidding. I know if somebody broke into my grandmas house, she would beat their fucking ass. She's not the person to mess with lol

Same here #42. For a 64 year old lady she sure can put up a fight!

We had a 70 year old lady beat up an intruder in my neighbourhood. He ran screaming

My parents are 67 and 70, but i don't think of them as old...

64 isnt really that old. my dad is probably stronger than most people my age.

Grannies gone wild

God, there REALLY needs to be an old people category

Seniors strike again!

Episode 5: Revenge of the Seniors

Saw XII: The Seniors

is watch that. lol

I imagine it would be very hectic.

when seniors attack 2

Senior Citizens are sweet but badass. Watch out OP.

'Senior smackdown' ... If that was a game, I'd play it all the time

this just makes me think of that new "Ridiculousness" episode with the old ladies fighting

The elderly are a blast, aren't they? But I agree: old people stories are getting so insane they need there own category on here. XD Hopefully your eye heals soon, OP.

#4 I also hope the eye in your picture heals soon...or goes away because it freaks me out every time!

Old people can be very evil sometimes. Retirement home have worst ones!!

Well now you know, old people are insane...

Don't even try to break up old veteran fights

How much you want to bet it was a WW2 vet?

"Come at me! I've been wanting to do this since the Nixon administration!"

they should make a FML video about this! (:

And here we see two old males in their natural habitat fighting for territory and the right to be first in bowling , and there comes a youngling to separate them, a grievous mistake leaving him injured and thinking about the dangerous task known as job chasing.

Reading that...I felt as if I was watching animal planet...

I heard it in an Australian accent...a whisper, as to not rouse suspicion from those being watched...

Wow that is crazy. Who threw that punch? Mike Tyson?

No, if it was Mike Tyson, OP would have lost an ear.

Well played. Very well played.