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Today, it was my birthday. We had a huge family dinner and everyone was invited, including my boyfriend. My family is kind of stuck-up, so I was very nervous about him meeting them. He got into an argument with my uncle over how "awesome" Van Halen is, and ignored me all night. FML
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Well they are awesome

WallyTheWombat 0

YDI for having an uncle that doesn't like Van Halen.


Well they are awesome

the drummer lives in my city(: I also think they are pretty awesome:)

kwchambers92 10

6 are you legally classified as a "midget/dwarf/small person?"

indielove 13

At least they're getting along?

Blow him. That'll get his attention.

7 no I am not do you feel the need to try and be tough over FML? is it because you have no life? or maybe because if you tell someone that in "real" life they would kick your ass? or are you just an all around dick?

kwchambers92 10

I'm just a dick, I can defend myself quite well actually. You treat others how you want to be treated. Regardless, you get treated like a dick so whatever right?

phoenixslayer69 4

I support you Jesus!!!!!!! Kick the midgets ass

kwchambers92 10


In his defense, Van Halen is pretty fricken awesome!

Now wuz he arguing Van Halen or Van Hager?? X)

blackheart24 10

Eddie Van Halen: best guitarist ever. Enough said.

arlekin21 0

Are you by any chance a teacher


Was the argument like "VH is awesome!" "No! VH is super awesome!" cause what other argument could there be.

Brice28_fml 10

I know van halen is the best! You can't talk down on amazing skills like that :D

Alexisthebestest 16

My teacher in elementary school used to be obsessed with Alex Van Halen. She would play their CDs in class over the speakers and quiz us on them. I still can't get "Ain't Talkin Bout Love" out of my head to this very day...

Streeet_hayley 6

Happy Birthday!

kwchambers92 10

O'Doyle rules!!

sickjairo 7

Who rules!

thejerk56 8

McPoyle rules!!

First reference was Billy Madison. Second was it's always sunny in philidelphia. Lol not that this information changes anyone's life

WallyTheWombat 0

YDI for having an uncle that doesn't like Van Halen.

This. This is all that needs to be said.

If you do not know Van Halen, you have no reason to exist.

Im black and know van halen, fuck your life

Actually, it doesn't clearly say which side he was on. Maybe Unc is an acid dropping hippy who has fond memories of crowd surfing the mosh pit.

You don't deserve to call yourself a person.

IRTehPuddin 0

Atleast ur boyfriend has a good taste in music :)

Where does the OP indicate that the BF was for Van Halen? The BF might actually hate them and that would be a DAMN SHAME.

22cute 17

Whatever side he took, your BF sucks big time for arguing with his hosts. Lose him and hold out for someone with manners.

At least he's bonding with them , in a way..

1. They are amazing!!! 2. Better then them actually fighting!!

wouldn't it be van halen "is"? because while it is a group of people, the band itself is singular

nonelikeworms 0

Good job. You get a gold star.

In British English, groups are treated like mass nouns instead of entities. However, OP is from Florida. Maybe her family is fresh off the boat.

nonelikeworms 0

Damn good argument!

lovelife9 12

Now you learned your lesson to NEVER have your bf/gf meet your family before your birthday. My boyfriend met my family 6 days when we started going out. When did I meet his? 2 months

Where is the value in what you said?

If you look deep enough... You might just fimd a hidden message... Wait! I think I see one now..! .... No... Just more rambling. Damn.

lakaiskate 12

No offense but if that's your boyfriend In the picture he looks like a tool.

19 - Cool story bro.

You introduced your boyfriend to the family after 6 days? A bit much, don't you think.

xShannonxSammyx 7

Van Halen is pretty awesome.

Lmao van hellsing. If he sung in Van Halen I would probably cream.

Wrong person, Fuck