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  KaySL  |  24

Yeah, except in innumerable exceptions.

Cleidoic, codeine, conscience, deify, deity, deign, dreidel, eider, eight, either, feign, feint, feisty, foreign, forfeit, freight, gleization, gneiss, greige, greisen, heifer, heigh-ho, height, heinous, heir, heist, leitmotiv, neigh, neighbor, neither, peignoir, prescient, rein, science, seiche, seidel, seine, seismic, seize, sheik, society, sovereign, surfeit, teiid, veil, vein, weight, weir, weird.

Sorry, what the fuck were we talking about again?

  ttubear  |  17

Funny how the word "receive" is magically corrected in the FML and suddenly spelled wrong in my comment, especially since if I actually had spelled it wrong, my phone would have automatically corrected it to receive. Good job, FML staff.

  SunshineBoy21  |  0

Better sleep with one eye open and start planning your move out kiddo. Did they also take out a life insurance policy on you? If so, grab whatever you can carry and run, run like the wind Bullseye! ;)

  DudeImBetter  |  0

Cars only last for years while graveyard plots last for ever. They were only thinking ahead to what really matters you should thank them for being so wise. I got a car btw lol


79- I agree, she is acting spoiled. I hate how these kids expect a car right when they can drive. I knew a lot of kids in my high school who got newer car that were better than anyone in my family had and if they crashed them they got another new one. I had to get a job just to get a clunker that barely worked and it taught me how to appreciate the things I'm fortunate to have! So rambling aside, OP should just appreciate what she got and watch her back for her parents plot to kill her!

  LordGoober  |  13

They should have given you a coffin then later the plot, coffins last at least 100 years that means you never have to buy a bed in your life. They also look quiet comfortable. But you could put the plot up for sell on craigs list and use the money to buy a car?

  FlavaMash  |  1

ok op calm the f$&k down. with gas prices this high, why would u waste so much money just driving around. even having a clunker can cost you alot of money with maintenance. having a car is big responsibility. your parents care about u. maybe later in life when u suceed go purchase a new mercedes or bmw while other people cannot afford it. but please be patient

  bugmenotmofo  |  34

Agreed. I bought my own car when I was 17. I don't remember getting more than a video game or two or something. Shut the fuck OP, you spoiled bitch. Your parents spent serious money on that for you

  IscoreOnU  |  19

Well look at it this way maybe it's precautionary measures. You have no car, the leading cause of death I teens is Car accidents. And if you end up dying(any way) then they already have the spot picked out.

  premiermois  |  5

Oh baawwww, you didn't get a car from mommy and daddy. OP if you want something, either don't be a pussy and ASK FOR IT, or earn it your damn self like everyone else has to do in the real world.


lmao. talk about planning for the future OP. your parents are just trying to help. and don't be so selfish, a lot of kids don't get cars until they can buy them themselves.