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  kewlcat  |  0

no i dont know what 15 year olds do at midnight
please enlighten me.

[these question fmls are going to confuse alot of people, no need to answer the question i know what 15 year olds do.]

also, were you turning 15 or 16? confusing!

  blargity  |  0

#67 i think by "gook" he meant someone from vietnam but i'm guessing its an epic fail troll anyway because it still doesn't make much sense

  DameGreyWulf  |  0

I didn't at fifteen either.
Also, to whoever said it; many teens like to stay up late, masturbating or not.

OP, you're supposed to lock the door when you give yourself your birthday present!

  elchapin562  |  0

that's why i never jack off on my B-day, i don't want my momma breakin into my room to sing me happy birthday while im nutting. YDI for not holding off, and at midnight? come on dude go to sleep. no one jacks off at midnight unless they are single and really horny.

  Plumppotato  |  3

@ 176, actually gook is just for koreans. the korean word for korea is Han-Gook, which is where the gook comes from. and chink is for all asians, not just chinese. maybe im wrong about chink, but im pretty sure its all asians.

  killpro  |  0

There are a bunch of pussies on FML.

"I'm 15 and I don't even masturbate"
You guys need to grow some balls. Don't act like you don't know what he is doing.

By  LOL_FYL  |  0

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  GDinNJ  |  0

Or the person who said this (the I don't get it) is a girl and doesn't masturbate at midnight. If we're going to be completely honest, it would have been more accurate to ask "Do you know what 15 year old guys do at midnight?" I mean, I'm sure there are girls who do it too, but obviously it's more common for guys.

  TysonFawlay  |  0

Bla bla, bullshit.

Besides how hard can it be, people complain about being caught, what, do you like do it on your desk or something? You're under covers and shit...


#202, i agree. any FML where you do embarrassing things (or at least something you don't want other people to be seeing) without the door locked YDI. if you don't want anyone to see you "having fun with yourself" then lock your frickin door. anyway, I think you should have expected that they'd come into your room to wish you on your birthday...cuz it sounds like they do it often. but even without that, you still deserve it.

  oh_mi_shizzle  |  0

Ding ding!
That's correct! Lol.

Come on ppl use ur imagination! Hahaha

at OP, that must've been /awkward/! Lol.
U were having a /very/ nice brithday, too bad ur parents kinda spoiled it.
Well hopefully soon you'll be able to look at them in th eyes and not wanna hide cuz they saw u beatin ur meat lol.

Just take me advice and don't do that when ur parents are home, it's really never as safe as u think it is just cuz you're in ur room.
Better luck next time :)

ps. Happy birthday

  realggirl  |  0

Yeah, if I can take anything from my time wasted reading FML, it's that when I have a son I should always knock before entering his room! Same with daughter if I recall my teenage years... hahaha.

  jussmyyluckk  |  0

Even stay at home parents have to shop ! Or just get out of the house sometimes ! Unless they're, like, wizards or something and they can make their food and all the other shit they need appear outta thin air and all their friends come to them all the time. And it usually doesn't work like that !
And OP, if your gonna masturbate in the middle of the night, why would you not have the covers on ! Hey hopefully your parents won't try that again, and if they do, no offense but your parents are idiots !