By Anonymous - 11/05/2012 00:28 - United States

Today, it was my birthday. I was heading back to my apartment and I heard noises inside the door. Assuming it was the surprise party I'd hinted at, I flicked on the lights as two heavy guys pushed past me. I was robbed. FML
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kevinn95 0

Ohhh no they stole ur surprise party?

That's awful! I'm so sorry op! Happy birthday (:


That's awful! I'm so sorry op! Happy birthday (:

I agree, FYL op. I hope your birthday will get better.

That's just cruel. Fucked up world we live in. Go and make money yourself en keep your hands off other people's stuff.

I hope OP's birthday present will be a house restoration, like ones from those TV shows. Or maybe OP's friends could pitch in to remodel his house after everything was stolen, like new furniture. I'm sorry to hear that OP. FYL. I hope something great compensates for this on your birthday.

That really sucks OP. Sorry to hear that. Being robbed is bad enough. Let alone in your birthday.

Temi25 6

Happy birthday op

Aww that sucks. :/ But happy birthday, I hope your day got better! :)

Well happy fucken birthday.

juicypu55y 0

Well said

I seriously hope you have an amazing birthday, despite the ass**les who robbed you

French_Toast_fml 3

32- if you're only going to leave out 2 letters, you may as well write the whole word.

I think he didn't on purpose, assless, as in I'd have mounted their asses on the wall above my fireplace.

If you're going to censor it, then maybe you should censor the "ass" part.

ss_20_xx 14

Looks like you got your surprise. =| Happy birthday though, hope your friends there make you feel better after this.

Whatever, bitch.

Comment moderated? Bitch please.

it's always at my birthday that i get my biggest FML moment too! anyways, happy birthday! =)

kevinn95 0

Ohhh no they stole ur surprise party?

KiddNYC1O 20

Well played.

jenalexis 0

Hahaha cute

Well honestly I wouldn't hint at a SURPRISE party, it would ruin the surprise because you would know/think you'd get one?

Awww, sorry OP!!! That's an absolutely downer, I feel for you!!

Surprise! But in all seriousness I'm sorry op that really sucks :(.

1- happy birthday 2 - wow that sucks, sorry to hear 3 - on a brighter note, things are only going up from that situation

Yeah hopefully OP scared them off and they didn't really get anything...

and then OPs dog dies. Silly, things can aaalways get worse :)

^What an obvious Debbie Downer.

I wasn't trying to debbie down, just thought I would try to show something worse that could have happened!

24/82 you aren't being pessimistic enough! You have to say. And then she was brutally stabbed while watching her beloved dog get run over by a semi. The End

wow thats horrible

Well, it was a surprise, if not a party...