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  iBanana  |  17

Birthdays become depressing when you're not a kid anymore because it means you don't get cool presents, you get age and wisdom and experience. That's nice and all, but I'd rather be a kid.

  Dthsapprntc  |  23

I still get cool presents on my birthday....

Ok, so I buy them myself, and sometimes I don't wrap them, but I still get excited.

Well, that sounds really sad now that I wrote it down.

By  DocBastard  |  38

So I assume you were just jealous that the nood wasn't meant for you?

Email me and I'll send you a birthday nood. I'll even put a bow on it, just for you.

Happy birthday.


#38- No, he's actually been thumbed down quite a bit before. He's posted thousands of comments; as with anyone else, it's only expected that some comments are going to suck (but I thought this one was pretty good).