By Schubey - 20/05/2012 02:04 - Canada - North Bay

Today, it was my birthday, and I woke up to my dad telling me that we're going to Disneyland. Apparently, by "we" he meant him and my mom. They did, however, make a point to say "happy birthday" before they left. FML
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Well that sucks throw a big ass house party while they are gone. Not as good as Disney land but still get to have fun.

NoisyNykkii 10

Go to Six Flags on his birthday! Ah revenge, it's sweet.


NoisyNykkii 10

Go to Six Flags on his birthday! Ah revenge, it's sweet.

NoisyNykkii 10

P.S. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday dear OP!~ Happy birthday to you~ Have a great birthday OP!

Hide in their suitcases. It's classic.

That's fucked up. I've never been to Disneyland. Fuck OP's parents.

26 Don't think people take suitcases to Disneyland

have a huge house party

28 - not to be rude, but when I read your comment it seemed like the second statement may be the odd man out.

50 - Of course not. People just buy a wooden board, tie it to the back of the car, then secure individual items to the board with nails and string. Foolproof.

69 I believe 50 was referring to the park itself. Sure he can hide in a suitcase and hope to pass the border and end up in the hotel but he will still not get into the park since normal people(you may be different 69) leave their suitcases in the hotel and go to the park with a little bag which a human could not fit in.

wtflawl 3

Chill bro damn lmfao!

wtflawl 3


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When people get to hotels, they usually open their suitcase to get aomething before going out. So OP would be like, "ha!" and they'd have to either buy him a ticket or leave or do something else.

Dude it's a bummer that you don't get to go to Disneyland, but I mean you got the house to yourself!! Do some shit!! :)

83 exactly! I'd much rather throw an awesome house party than go to Disney land, but maybe that's just me..

86 - No I agree. Haha. But it depends on how often you get left home alone while your parents go on a trip without you. I mean if you don't get left home often then yeah definitely house party. But if you do get left alone a lot then I would maybe want to go with them for some of the trips. :)

What if OP's dad had a feeling OP would want her boyfriend over so he left to give them some time alone?

No 86 its me too..

71---OP is a female. miss the colored sign in the corner or somethin?

Why are you getting so worked over the gender. In the end, the point is that the OP, REGARDLESS of gender, didn't get to go to Disneyland. Suggestions from commenters apply regardless of OP's gender.

I live in southern California so I'm not familiar with suitcases and Disneyland

Comet_Candy 23

Screw Six Flags! I'd rather go to Cedar Point.

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Trisha_aus 15

Why so sad? You're like Batman too?

What's with the winking frown? O.ó

He's not winking, he only has one eye.

I think he intentionally left you alone at home to have your girlfriend over or something because no one would do this unless you're old enough to be at home alone so think of the possibilities.

^omg, op is a female!-

#147- Relaaaaax its not that serious.

You never know.. OP can have a girlfriend if she wants to.. Just sayin'.. Hehe

Ouch, sorry op, atleast your parents are enjoying themselves right?

So what if they are enjoying themselves.. It's OP's birthday! Inconsiderate much...

Parents' jobs are hard, so some people take comfort in knowing their mom and dad are having a good time which may be sometimes difficult to come by for them, no matter the circumstances.

Jewnut 0

I doubt those parents have it that hard. NOT ditching your kid to go somewhere fun with out them is one of those things that make parenting hard.

Parents' jobs may be hard, but neglecting your child on their birthday negates any time off credits they may or may not hav earned.

I didnt say I agree, I was just trying to explain what I thought 3's rationale might be.

Well that sucks throw a big ass house party while they are gone. Not as good as Disney land but still get to have fun.

NoisyNykkii 10

Don't forget to make him clean up the mess! And when he tells you to do it, make a big gesture about how it's your birthday, and that you only get special treatment once a year.

" Honey we were just kidding! Come o- FUCK THIS! U ARE GROUNDED FOR LIFE! INTO THE DUNGEON!" they have a dungeon, right?

NoisyNykkii 10


They didn't take you? That's just cold and mean.

Not really, birthday sex sounds good?

Your parents left you home alone for some .... ....BIRTHDAY SEX!!!

Throw a party to celebrate your birthday. You can have fun without them! That is rude, sorry OP. Happy Birthday though!

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Happy Birthday, OP :)

Exactly, they were trying to be nice so he could throw a huge party to get drunk and get ladies.. Project x..

Trisha_aus 15

Its about time they go to the happiest place on the it disneyland or a strip club?

Yeah maybe she should go see the real Chip 'n Dale haha

Throw yourself a massive birthday party. Then forget to clean up.

_ebbonyy 11

it's the perfect opportunity for some sweet parent revenge :-)

NoisyNykkii 10

I find it quite ironic that we made similar comments at the same exact times..... Great minds think alike, eh?

_ebbonyy 11

I can't say I see the irony, but sorry if you thought I copied your comment :-)

#41 - I don't think #37 is talking about you. It's more likely about his #9 comment and #8 comment - they were both made at 10:39 and they were both suggesting not cleaning up after the party.

_ebbonyy 11

Oh.. haha I just assumed because we both had 'sweet revenge' in our comments. if not, disregard my previous comment :)

NoisyNykkii 10

32- was directed towards #8

NoisyNykkii 10

#61 is right! I was talking to number #8

Happy Birthday, OP. And sorry to say this, but your parents are just plain assholes.

Mental1942 6

Don't be sorry cause he knows It too

:0 the nerve! jump in the car and don't get out!

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Soz op but i reckon this fml is total BS