By Anonymous - 13/11/2011 21:47 - United States

Today, it was laundry day. After my fifth and final load, I noticed I never added any laundry detergent. FML
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flockz 19

it's ok you don't need detergant. i'm sure the smell of water will make them smell fine.

At least they got wet?


At least they got wet?

Olovio 5

That's what she said.

leadman1989 15

4 You gonna give us a little donkey show? :D

grmnxsensati0n 4

like like like like like

I want to laugh... but I've actually done this before :(

Five loads in one day not bad.

Five hoes in one day not bad.

I'm sick of this bakery store shit!

reading this fml on laundry day REALLY makes me say yeah, fyl

First world problems...

grmnxsensati0n 4


flockz 19

it's ok you don't need detergant. i'm sure the smell of water will make them smell fine.

robincakes94 8

I think Dryer sheets would be a better alternative, but water is also a good scent...

tarabelle 7

Water doesn't have a smell.

robincakes94 8

I'm not smell deficient, I know that! I was commenting on flockz sarcasm with sarcasm... Ugh for now on I'll label all of my sarcasm. :)

tarabelle 7

Haha sorry! I wasn't sure. I showed this to my little sister, and she said "Lindsey, you're stupid. Water has a smell. It smells like..ummm...I don't know actually. It doesn't smell like anything but it has a smell." Yup. There's a 9 year old for ya(:

FYL! Next time, Put detergent BEFORE you add your load into the washer.

Wouldn't that be a YDI?

Well i'll be.. Thanks boss. So helpful

Lol duh ...?

psh. who needs detergent?

TheCarChanel 0

What's detergent do?

KiddNYC1O 20

Penetrates and removes stains with added fragrance. -Mr. Clean.

KiddNYC1O 20

34- What's so revolting in this thread?

GER THE FUCKING FUCK OFF MY SCREEN BAKERY STORY!!!!!!! Sorry for my outburst, but it pisses me off! OP I can understand 1 or 2, but 5? Really?

Whoa guys. We're dealin with a badass over here.

KiddNYC1O 20

71- Yes! What's up with the new whole-screen-ad shit? It sucks balls...

And you noticed this after the fifth load? Way to go.

leadman1989 15

It's ok as long as there weren't any cats involved.

Strafeh 9

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OP's water company-1 OP-0

Strafeh 9

Overused Joke - 2 Strafeh - -1

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flockz 19

sex-0 hand-1

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Power level - >9000 Argument - (not valid)

Combo: 0 Breaker: 1 ...wait a minute.

slushpup9696 12

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crazyrunnergirl 7

I think it's safe to say you'll live


Oh come on just a joke.

Aw now I have 2 thumbs up what happen to the 3rd one?