By waterballoons - 27/07/2009 08:35 - United States

Today, it was a pretty nice day so I decided I would take a walk through the park to get to work instead of driving. Healthier and better for the planet, right? Wrong. Some little bratty kids were bored apparently and decided to hide behind trees and peg me with water balloons. FML
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I hate undisciplined kids.

saved yourself a shower, al gore


That stinks man. Kudos for helping the planet though. :) it's self sacrifice.

YDI for being fat therfore an easy target... Fatass

those water balloons can be so unhealthy and bad for the planet

exactly what i was is the walk no longer healthy or bad for the environment....if anything, they watered that trail, and you weren't dehydrated...

the plastic that is left over is bad for the enviroment

not as bad as mannaise filled baloons. *shuders*

it's still better for the planet!

saved yourself a shower, al gore

Well it was still healthier and better for the planet, even if some brats chucked water balloons at you. That sucks though.

That wasn't wrong, that was still healthier and better for the planet, unless of course you get sick or're just wet when you get to work now. :- FYL.

I hate undisciplined kids.

How do u know they are undisciplined? Maybe they practice their ninja ballooning everyday. What they are is ill mannered.

Well, at least you go cooled off? Just look on the bright side of things. You seem pessimistic for posting something as simple as this and saying it fucked your life.

He was probably wearing a suit, which means either the suit is ruined or he has to get it dry cleaned, and dry cleaning costs A LOT.

Yes, because all FMLs on this site result in the rest of the OP's life being completely absolutely fucked up -_- Some people on this site are never satisfied. I don't even know why they bother to come on this site, if they're just gonna moan about how these people's lives aren't actually fucked and how worse things can happen. God I hate them.

Work is close enough to walk and you've been driving the whole time??? Don't pat yourself on the back for walking once.

they threw it at you cause they knew you were full of shit saying you walked only to be "healthy and better the planet"

Water dries, get over it. At least they weren't snowballs.

Protip: snow is made of water too.

He means that waterballoons get you wet but snowballs not only get you wet, but it's cold as fuck and hurts like a bitch.