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Put on the ring and disappear


Well you can't help it

She/he could. By shaving.

Ah yes, the power of razors. Introduce it to your feet.

I am just saying it might keep coming back damn

And she can keep shaving it. Damn.

^^i guess it would. A wax though, that would make it last a while

Quit whinning Frodo.

If that makes you a hobbit, that makes me a wookie.

Op you should try out for "the hobbit" role in the new movie

Order the "no no" (waxing product). But wait if you call within the next 10 minutes you will receive the second one free!

OP there is not time for this you must get back to the firey depths of mount doom

Oh man, you took my name OP.

From the depth of Mount Doom in the land of Mordor Forged from pure hate and malice comes One Razor to rule them all.

You Shall Not Shave!!!!!

Agh the word hobbit reminded me of that ugly little thing that crawls and keep saying "my precious!" with his Barbie girl voice.

I find this difficult to masterbate to. Unless...........nevermind

A thumbs down!!?!?!? WHAT... You guys don't like overused 4chan Memes??? Wow what a rude awakening

If Anonymous has hairy feet, what does Enonymous have?

26 in this case she would be Rosie. All she needs is her Sam an her life would be complete. :)

145 Hairy anus. I bleach it as a fashion statement tho

147, have you met Brüno?

I have meat him. Yes. Meat

How can you even have sex with hairy feet?.... actually I don't want to know :/

Well that is one of the most epic surnames one can ask for! Although OP dosent seem to be the type of hobbit that would some day save middle earth and have a fat gay boyfriend as a companion

yeah, that character's gay, hence why he marries the woman he's in love with at the end. DERP!

No reason he can't be married and have a boyfriend on the side, too. Especially since J.R.R. Tolkien doesn't delve extensively into Hobbit family life and marriage in the course of the LOTR books since it's, you know, not completely relevant to the story. DERP DERP.


woah careful there ray of midnight, I think that's a bit too deep and well thought out for a guy who calls a fictional character "fat and gay". save the big guns for the big boys

Wow seems I hurt some feelings huh? Funny how you get all tense over a comment i did on FML. Not like i was looking to be LOTR genius here. Go talk about your books in a forum ABOUT THE DAMN BOOKS ;)

Then boy, you must go nuts when you see chewbacca do her thang...

I'd rather have sex with the girl attached to the feet rather than the feet themselves, hairy or not.

Sounds like an awesome way to be remembered imo.

Hobbits are awesome

Yeah, but frodo friggin sucks

Um frodo rules. When you get your finger bitten off and still defeat the bad guys AND do it all while balancing an apple on you head then you're better than him and THEN you can talk shit in the star of my favorite show Wilfred. Are you on a show? No.

Are you getting laid? No. Because let's be honest, I have never seen Lord of the Rings, or whatever the hell show that is. You just rambled pretty hardcore. And I'm a celebrity in my own sense. That's what counts. Mommy said so.

Yeah man I'm totally famous too!

64 - I was with you until you mentioned Wilfred. Tolkien's books were soooooo much better. :/

This might be about the trilogy, But that Frodo guy, (whose name has slipped my mind) Is imo pretty cool. Cool because he was on one of the new Beastie Boys music videos!! HELL Yeh

*make some noise

91 I'm pretty sure Elijah wood played frodo (don't know if I spelled his name right)

Thank you for reminding me that is who i speak of

I'm definitely a girl btw and yeah the books are always better but the show is hilarious. And if you've never seen it then you can't say for a fact or opinion that he sucks because you have nothing to base either on.

93 - A Clockwork Orange, best profile picture I have seen on this site :D

best book/movie ever made!

102- no one questioned or asked about your gender.

102 he can make an opinion you silly man

Put on the ring and disappear

who would u rather be? the hobbit or chewbacca??

The one that gets me laid the most duh so obviously a combination of the two. Chewbecca black.

assuming she is as short and has the appetite of a hobbit too, a wookie would be more appropriate

Hey, be proud. I have a huge nose and I didn't even get a nickname :(

Hey Snape! Voilààà ;)

Doesn't He-who-shall-not-be-named have a long nose too?

Is that you squidward?!? :O

43 - Voldemort doesn't have a nose.

He definitely does have nose. It's just a snake nose.

Oh yeah now I remember!

#7 So, on a scale of Voldemort to Snape, how big is your nose exactly? ;)

That's when you wax or shave ahah

At least you'll be remembered