By stew - 23/06/2009 15:47 - United States

Today, It took me more than 4 hours to set up the back yard for my daughters baby shower. It only took my husband one push of a button to turn on the sprinklers. FML
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Guess he took 'baby SHOWER' literally.

Ooo Could he not have forseen that water and decorations don't mix?!?!?


Ooo Could he not have forseen that water and decorations don't mix?!?!?

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They call it a "shower" for a reason (I didn't bother looking below b/c I bet like 100 people already said this but I came up with this independantly just fyi!!!)

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I commented this FML but my comment was deleted. (???) Whatever.

Touché easylazy, touché!

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lol thought the same thing 31

Well you got a nice shower at least.

Hahahahahahaha, omg, that sucks! xDDDDDDDDDDD

I would still be kicking his butt!!!!

Guess he took 'baby SHOWER' literally.

ouffff. take a deep breath!

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Welcome to every special event with my dad. Hope you were able to do the best you could with the situation. x

It doesnt sound like he's ready to have a grandchild. This is his way of rebelling.

Haha. Possibly, ne? =P

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Ugh, sorry. Though, technically, family isn't supposed to be the one to throw a shower.

I'm so glad someone else thinks that family shouldn't throw showers.

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Yeah. Depending on the model, they can be quite heavy and easely break when thrown.

Buttons.... the source of all evil!

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HAHAHAH get it? baby SHOWER!! and wtf kick his ballsack