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Today, it's the fourth day of my new diet. I told my friends and family to watch me every time I eat to make sure it's healthy. I got so desperate that I hid some chocolates in my pocket then scarfed them down while pooping. FML
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That is disgusting...

jonnied23 20

Don't do something if you're not dedicated to it


That is disgusting...

Yeah, not the best choice. But OP, perfectly healthy and fit people eat sweets! Don't make yourself miserable, the goal is to get healthy and happy! Find good-for-you snacks that you love, and work off that.

One thing that helped me start a vegetarian diet was transitioning. I just ate less meat every day until it turned into once a week, once a month, and so on. You shouldn't make your body take sudden changes, or you'll be miserable.

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#60 Please no, not this conversation again. Live and let live.

steelergang 3

#44 I bet that deer you have as your pic would taste pretty good lol.

I like pudding

bacon is disgusting. Pigs carry various diseases and are one if the dirtiest animals on the planet.

wow I have never read a more innacurate statement. pigs are actually very clean and intelligent animals, and their meat is checked for potential disease.

OP, try to eat a piece of fruit right before every meal to get your blood sugar up. It should lower or stop the cravings of candy.

Get it, "chocolate?"

Raymond_1900 7

Damn Jew!

Disgusting enough she needs to join the family that is on the movie "Pink Flamingos"

jonnied23 20

Don't do something if you're not dedicated to it

Agreed, you should at least try OP. Not scarf down chocolates while taking a donk. Trying eating fruits instead

AntiPrude 26

OP you have to earn a good body. YDI. Eat almonds and drink water to fill yourself up.

While I agree with you that OP should try. You shouldn't chastise them. Sugar is actually quite addictive and as anyone who knows anything about addictions both psychological and physical (or both) it's almost impossible to just completely stop. Even more to the point as long as OP doesn't do this too often it won't ruin the diet. There's nothing wrong with chocolate as long as you keep it in moderation. In fact small amounts of the sugars and fats in chocolate are very good for you! Again the key word is moderation. And OP good luck to you on your diet! I hope you can achieve a healthy active lifestyle :)!

AntiPrude 26

@51 there's nothing healthy about refined sugars or saturated/trans fats. All they do is kill you a tiny bit at a time.

Much like steroids, like the deceased person in your profile pic I assume you're using as bait for messages.

AntiPrude 26

Him and his brother Said were actually good friends of mine and my mates, and I choose to put his photo up in rememberance rather than use a personal photo on the internet. Thanks for insulting my dead friend you f*cking asshole.

Refined sugars in very small amounts very rarely are completely fine for you. It's ridiculous to say they do nothing but kill you.

AntiPrude 26

@69 yeah I meant that more in relation to trans fats

Yeah! Listen to #30, we'll have you malnutritioned in no time!!

AntiPrude 26

#123 I didnt say dont eat anything else, I meant that when she feels like an extra snack on the side thats not on her diet program, she should snack on almonds and water..

carleybeak 21

You have to WANT to lose weight OP

She clearly doesn't take it seriously. op your attitude is all wrong, it's not supposed to be a battle, it's about balance. you're way too dependant on crap food and it's not normal. you're not doing this to make your family and friends think you're healthy. you're doing this to BE healthy.

It might not be that op doesn't want to lose weight, they probably just crave the sweets they're used to having. When I have dieted I wanted sweets quite a bit and sometimes I did indulge. Doesn't mean I didn't want to lose weight.

DedicatedNova 13

Dieting is hard. Just don't you dare give up. You can do it!

keep trying op, its going to be hard at first but over time you'll like eating healthy! (or you'll always hate it and just do it to look like a Victoria's secret model)

Don't try to look like a Victoria's Secret Model. Not only are they already borderline unhealthy, but the pictures are photoshopped and to try to replicate it is dangerous to your health.

It's not your friends or family's responsibility to watch out for you. You need to take a step back and realize that you have some serious self control problems and focus on that.

Yup, it's all down to OP, not family. Perhaps redefining food? It's not about taste and sugary treats, but about your body needing energy and what's the best food to be giving that energy.

This seems pretty harsh and untrue. OP, you can lose the weight but you have to commit yourself! your friends and family can help by supporting and encouraging you. If you eat sweets on the toilet you are only sabotaging yourself!

Reward yourself a little everyday OP and dont give up! Diet is hard but if you do it right you'll feel so much better about yourself! Hang in there! :)

Beepbeep7 14

Could you not have just ate them in private? Like seriously while you were taking a shit?? You have officially disgusted me.

OH NO! OP EXCRETES! That's absolutely disgusting. She is gross and wrong and the fact that she ate chocolates while happening to be on the toilet is sick.

Actually if you look up the gut bacteria that happen to be excreted along with what you ate that is disgusting. I'd rather not get E. coli and Staphylococcus and Streptococcus over eating a few sweets while in the bathroom. I'd rather eat them in my room (in private) as suggested.

Beepbeep7 14

#18 if you didn't come off as an idiot your sarcasm would have been entertaining.Of course OP excretes; everyone does.My point is to eat while doing so is disgusting.If you choose to do it,so be it.I myself prefer not to eat while I'm ridding my body of my previous food choices.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

Having a fit body isn't easy at all, but its worth it.

Just keep working at it! The first few days are the hardest, OP!