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By  bluhbluhbluh  |  14

Hey, just because they're your pooping habits, it doesn't mean they're less valid or less important. you need to embrace what's yours! welcome it with open arms! the sky is the limit! fight for what's yours and.... nope can't go on with this pep talk it's too ridiculous.

By  zuckerburg  |  21

I just have to roll my eyes whenever i see the guys here TRY TO BE FUNNY just to get on the weekly "funniest comment" thing. Jesus you guys are lame.

@OP, if they have tried discussing it with you so many times, I really have to wonder what your habit is. Do you smear your feces on the walls after you're done? Because it doesn't seem that, if there wasn't anything weird you were doing, they would want to talk about it.