By sadman - United States
Today, it's my three month anniversary with my girlfriend and so I decided to bake her a cake from scratch. It took me three hours, a call to my mom, three different recipe books, and half my pantry. On the way to her house, I stopped to pick up flowers and left the cake in the car. It melted. FML
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  dudeitsdanny  |  9

50- The correct answer is "high school kids"
I'll bet anything my 25 year old girlfriend would give me a weird look if I tried to celebrate a monthaversary. It stops being cute and borders into desperation after high school.

My ex's bestfriend was just bragging about her 27 monthaversary the other day.. And making big plans. She's 19-20 years old. It's simply disturbing. And it's obvious that the guy's been completely emasculated.

Monthaversaries, aside from maybe at 6 months, after high school are just bad, in my opinion.

But have fun celebrating your 60th monthaversary. And wedding monthaversaries.
If you need those to keep the spark, maybe you oughta blow out the candle.

  hpdc  |  0

when I was 23, my boyfriend celebrated our 1 month anniversary and I thought it was a bit strange... we were together for almost 4 years and that first month anniversary is what I remember most.

  ILoveEmoes  |  9

# 61 - Emasculated? That's a little harsh :) I know a lot of people who likes/liked to celebrate monthaversaries within the first year of their relationships. I don't think That's desperate, it's just something some people want to do. Just because I don't bother, why shouldn't they if it makes THEM happy? :)

  babyydolly  |  0

my fiancé and I celebrated our monthaviersarries for the first year. he would make a bunch of little detailed things for them and when it was our year anniversary he gathered parts of all the things gave me and decorated the dinerroom with them.

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

Sorry, the emasculated thing was about my ex's friend's boyfriend, at 27 months. My bad =)

Though OP so desperately trying to bake a cake at 3 months seems to be pointing in that direction.

  scrapmetal58  |  9

It should be mensiversary. Latin mensis for month.

It's not a fully recognised word yet, but it would be the correct form. Anniversary is from Latin annus.

Also, sometimes melted cake is better. For example, I love iced cream cake when it's melting.

  shaniecerb  |  0

why do they need to "spark" up the relationship after 3months???they dont even know eachothers favorite color yet.theyre still gettin to know spark needed


61- fully agree with you. my girlfriend can never make any plan on the 7th of every month cause it's her "anniversary" (stylishly know why people don't get that that word is for ANNUAL occasions). she's celebrating her 19 month "anniversary" and it makes me want to stab myself to death so o don't have to hear about it month after month.

  kasumirock  |  13

I have never understood celebrating each month. When I was 15 with my first boyfriend I even said that I'm not celebrating it, because if anything it just shows how playful and not serious the relationship really is. I was with him over a year, so clearly not celebrating them doesn't hinder anything.

  Viciously_Me  |  1

Nah that's just something ppl who say ily in a week do. Very high school, I know because I did it. Plus why do you need to keep the spark alive after only 3 months? The honeymoon phase is 6 months. OP I say nix this and write her a poem if you want, but hey each couple is different.

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

I have to agree with rbg. It shouldn't take that much effort to bake a cake and it certainly shouldn't melt that quickly. OP did something wrong. Three recipes? Was it a tiered cake?

  Denizobali  |  2

the icing melts. I think. i still think you couldve given her the cake though. if there was that much frosting that it melted, then you probably didn't bake much.


199- if you can deep fry ice cream I'm sure there's SOME way it can be baked. and p.s, before you insult people, do a little review of your post before you come out with "you guys are truly a dumbass".