By Cat - 13/06/2010 14:36 - United Kingdom

Today, it's my Nana's birthday and to say she is having a good time is an understatement. She's so drunk, she took out her false teeth tried to put them in her dog's mouth. When she failed, she tried the cat's. FML
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Wow, our grandmas should party together ! My grandma got so drunk, she ran around the block naked .

Gotta love that Nana!


No. That's the FML. OP wanted wine-dipped dentures. Anyonr else amueed by the fact that her name, "Cat", is next to "(woman)"? Catwoman? No? Hm.

My comment disappeared =( And now it's back. Fml.

Haha, cat woman 17 that IS amusing lol

its an fml of couse she succeeded

freaking awesome grandmother!I wish mine was like that.

youre nana is hilairious lol

Wasted grandma FTW

what an awesome Nana!

and why is your life fucked? just think, at least she's having a good time! if i was you I'd go and join in the party!

wow nana must have a dirty mouth she didn't care how dirty her dentures were lol

LOL I'm getting the RSPCA onto your grandma for animal abuse.

40. that pic rocks.

I completely agree with 66.

heyyy it's my birthday too :)

lmao op i want ur grandma xp dont take it for granted

hahaha! your grandma got KRUNK!!

Just slap the old bitch. It's not like is going to remember it.

haha that's soo gonna be me! :D living it up even when times trying to stop me

well she sure knows how to party hardy haha !

your nana is actually a G-ma! hahhahah :3

je desume kree ju tem??

damn Teresa, so positive lol. gotta give props

dentures for everyone!

I stopped reading after Nana.

dam how old is she?

and how is this an fml?

hahaha, u should [email protected]#% her on her plastic covered couch

that granny sounds pretty epic. :D

Gotta love that Nana!

you are a sick fucker

get yourself sorted out.

godddd, does anyone understand humor any more? 40 year old virgin? anyone? no? you two are lame.

Wow, our grandmas should party together ! My grandma got so drunk, she ran around the block naked .

heck, I'd party with your grandma! woot woot!

dear mother of god she must be having a great time!

Grannies gone wild

haha Grandmas Gone Wild!

who wants to see old chesse boobs dangling. lookin like when you cut off a slice of extra cheese. mmm mozerlla sticks.

18 that is terrible

no, chiquito, its WIN!! mmm pizza cheesey boobs :)