By Anonymous - Czech Republic - Prague
Today, it's my first day working the graveyard shift at a local hotel. My new boss thought it would be hilarious to sneak up behind me while dressed like the Grim Reaper. I screamed like a little girl and soaked my pants. Apparently he does this to all the new people. FML
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  junkman6  |  22

I'm the opposite, I punch things when I get scared. Much to the chagrin of the poor bastards that dress up in Halloween outfits in July at the fair and jump out to scare people.

  ileenefudge  |  29

#33 if you know that things like scare actors are going to jump you in certain places (theme parks for example) on/near Halloween, and your bad habit it to punch people, you should really just stay home then because that is not a good reaction to have. Especially if you know they are going to jump out at you and you still go then that is still your fault. I work at Great America and one thing we are trained to know, especially at Halloween time, is that if "you don't touch us scare actors then we won't touch you."

  junkman6  |  22

#69 didn't read my comment at all. What kind of person runs around a fair in July scaring random people. I'm not going to sit at home because some idiots think that's a good idea. If you want to dress up and do that do it in October in a haunted house.

I'm honestly really surprised that OPs boss hasn't been clobbered a few times. I know plenty of people who will punch/kick first when something jumps out and scares them. Even friends at surprise birthday parties.

  AmexBlack  |  24

How is OPs boss a dick? Most people would call this a joke, pranking, hazing or banter.

When you're old enough to get a job you'll find it's a fairly common occurrence in the workplace as part of an initiation prank/rite.