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you've trained him well

At least he didn't leave your birthday present in the toilet.


you've trained him well

Does she expect more from him?

she sure did train him well. because he sounds like a pretty genuine guy !

Is she too stupid to look before she sits?

he's def a keeper!

Today, it's my girlfriend's birthday. I've decided to put down the toilet seat as her present, because she can't stop whining about it everyday. Even after, she still is. FML

atleast he remembered!! but hey I'd bitch about the nice things he does too!

seems like a great present to me..

maybe for your next anniversary he'll wash his hands as well :0

shit, that sucks... well for his bday giv him a bj and blow:p

you bitch, stop bitching, bitch.

I hate it when my brothers do that

Contradicting. your dp is little miss sunshine, but you don't type like one.

she's probably one of those girls who ALWAYS complains about toilet seats and men.

just sit down, and take your whiz, you ungrateful bastard!

funny how over half of these replies have nothing to do with the original comment theyre replying to and all the people just want their comment at the top.

thanks for that stunning report captian obvious! Glad to have you in our group!

don't get used to it

ydi for always expecting gifts a simple happy birthday is enuff for me but if he flushed and pulled down the seat i would show my appretiation cuz at least he thought of u and just maybe he will keep doing it if u acknowledge it so stop complaining plz

Fuck u smell like shitty bumhole

well. happy birthday. :o

makes you wonder what he does for their anniversary

it's more like what happens when he forgets there anniversary xP Today, was boyfriend forgot our anniversary. FML. but it's technically FHL kuz she'll never stop bitchin' about it !! :)

**my** whoops xP

I like your picture >.> mmm..tacos (;

I wonder what'll happen on christmas.. he actually changes the toilet paper?

+1 for boyfriend.

+1 xp for your boyfriend. Your boyfriend has leveled up! Your boyfriend wants to learn a new move, but he has to forget one... Your boyfriend has forgotten Remember Birthday and learned Put Down Seat!

It's super effective!

it's the little things that capture their hearts....well played op's bf....

Girlfriend has fainted!

Awe how sweet.

Good! he's learning

your boyfriends a douche

what more do you want from him?

It's my birthday too ^^ I hope I get better presents though :O

Happy birthday. Your existence is your present, whether you choose to accept it or not.

Happy Birthday! I'm an April baby too. Diamonds are our birth stone!!!(:

I'll make sure to put the seat down. c:

I just turned 18 last Friday! You know why being born in April is great? 1- it's jazz appreciation month 2- it's national poetry month 3- you're birth stone is a diamond!

Happy bday and sorry op, caca bf you have :d

Take what you can get!

At least he didn't leave your birthday present in the toilet.

That's definitely what I read the first time haha

14 - Me three!

I read that his present was a toilet seat...