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  RaineLee  |  5

Today, it's my girlfriend's birthday. I've decided to put down the toilet seat as her present, because she can't stop whining about it everyday. Even after, she still is. FML

  robbiboyo  |  0

funny how over half of these replies have nothing to do with the original comment theyre replying to and all the people just want their comment at the top.

  usbaby24  |  3

ydi for always expecting gifts a simple happy birthday is enuff for me but if he flushed and pulled down the seat i would show my appretiation cuz at least he thought of u and just maybe he will keep doing it if u acknowledge it so stop complaining plz

  omfgTACOsYeSs  |  0

it's more like what happens when he forgets there anniversary xP

Today, was boyfriend forgot our anniversary. FML. but it's technically FHL kuz she'll never stop bitchin' about it !! :)

  CitrusGirl  |  0

+1 xp for your boyfriend.
Your boyfriend has leveled up!
Your boyfriend wants to learn a new move, but he has to forget one...
Your boyfriend has forgotten Remember Birthday and learned Put Down Seat!

  CitrusGirl  |  0

I just turned 18 last Friday! You know why being born in April is great?
1- it's jazz appreciation month
2- it's national poetry month
3- you're birth stone is a diamond!