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I've heard you can get a pretty decent bundle package with that. You get 30 min with your son and 30 min with his cell mate Bubba.

Happy birthday!!!

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Oh dear, family contact.

Its not an ideal situation OP but many parents don't even get calls from their kids on their birthday, never mind having kids in prison who still make the effort. Try and be thankful for what you have.

34: That's a damn good point, son.

Happy birthday!!!

That's one crappy birthday.

He probably still won't call.

Not everybody got beaten and molested as a kid. Some of us enjoy our parents.

25- Do you love all of your moms?

Haha! Sometimes the jokes just line themselves up!!

Mmm no. Feel free to check around the previous "grounded on homecoming night" FML. I said "fuck you mom". I am not one of those people that enjoys their parents. But that rare breed exists

I think he might be referring to your username, actually.

Well in that case, yes. I enjoy all of your moms too.

I've heard you can get a pretty decent bundle package with that. You get 30 min with your son and 30 min with his cell mate Bubba.

Your a fucking piece of shit for saying this to this person when there obviously hurting about there son being away from them during her birthday I hope ad things happen to you and u end up a miserable person for the rest of your life you'd a wast of air u bitch

Woah 50, take it easy, it's a humour site.

wow, chill the fuck out!!!

Bury this comment. Apparently the mods got to the one I was replying to before I did. Probably a good thing.

Bubba Gump shrimp? Cuz then that would be an entertaining phone call.

68, i dont think Bubba would'nt be able to talk to us.. You know.. Because he died and all. Besides "Bubba Gump Shrimp" has two names in there so its not just Bubba. Lol anyways, now i'm fucking hungry.

Bubba gon' get his white boy love, or bubba gonna take the white boy booty,

Hope he calls you for your special day OP!

Well at least you got a Happy Birthday Op.

wee, it's my birthday too. happy birthday!

did you make an account just for this fml? because your username fits perfectly :P

Judging by the fact that they only have one comment on FML, I'd say yes.

8- Seems to me you really need some one to send a birthday wish your way. So, Happy Birthday!

I'm only going to tell you happy birthday because you actually made an account for that. So, Happy Birthday! Lol I hope you have a really fun day today.

That's funny. Happy birthday OP, and 6.

It was my birthday too! Stupid FML lists it as the 14th instead of 15th. Can I still be in the birthday club?

To answer your query, I have had my account for some time. This was just my first post, and I usually don't comment. I just read and vote, and moderate on occasion.

Aw. Happy birthday op:)

Why so serious?

Happy awkward birthday! Sincerely, your son and his lover, thunderdick.

Your a piece of shit for saying that to this women. You but h u obviously have no idea of the pain somebody goes through when they have a loved one who is incarcerated.i hope terrible things happen to u and u are miserable and have a terrible life you piece of shit waste of life

Learn to take a joke, sheesh... I hope your comment gets moderated... That's a bit harsh and uncalled for.

52- People who can't spell bug you, yet your comment is full of spelling and grammatical errors.

I think someone needs to go pop a few value!

*valium and where did that comment go? Now I just look silly :/

Lol.. I know what you meant.. That woman is crazy for saying that shit..

Ya don't worry Op the Health Inspector is taking care of him.