By THANKS - 19/06/2015 08:37 - Australia - Melbourne

Today, it's my birthday. I had asked my parents for a keyboard, and I was really excited to open the massive box they gave me. It was a computer keyboard. I've been playing piano for 11 years. FML
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There seems to be a key mistake here.

Never to late to learn how to type


There seems to be a key mistake here.

Might want to specify in your "note" next time.

Heh when I read this, I definitely thought it was a computer keyboard. Just be a little more specific?

Maybe they didn't want to risk him farting info a microphone.

Maybe next time be specific? But at least they tried. you have to give them credit for trying...

LordMinion 9

That was bad, and you should feel bad.

yoshi061 10

op is a weirdo lel

sounds like your parents "spaced" it

Well the fact that they packed the computer keyboard in a box big enough for OP to believe it was an actual keyboard (and one with a complete set of notes, I'm assuming, since they've been playing for 11 years)... then I have a feeling specificity wasn't the problem here. Most likely OP's parents were playing a joke. Kinda like when kids ask their parents for a car, and then are given a toy car.

I hate you just for that pun

You didn't think to specify?

Dom_Olivares 12

I would agree with you but c'mon that many years it should be pretty obvious.

He probably did.

Tr33cat....I'm 100% sure that if he specified this wouldn't be a problem...

If it was a massive enough box, I would assume her parents knew what she meant and did it to tease her.

Don't get me wrong guys, I'm not calling the guy an idiot or anything, but if I wanted a keyboard, I probably would have looked for one, and then showed my parents and requested it. Piano-wise or computer-wise.

I hope it was a joke.

My mother couldn't afford to get me anything for my birthday, so she made me a cake. OP, be thankful they tried.

#53 you be thankful your mother was thoughtful even though she was broke. Your mom has my respect, for what it's worth

I never said I wasn't thankful, I was just stating that OP should be as well. Every effort counts, you know?

mds9986 24

Why didn't you just call it a piano?

Pianos and keyboards are two different things. Very similar, but still different.

mds9986 24

Well I didn't realize that, but OP could have been more clear. When somebody says "keyboard" it's usually associated with computers and OPs parents might not have been aware that the electric keyboards were called that even if OP was playing piano for 11 years.

They couldn't put 2 and 2 together that piano keyboards are also just called keyboards? Especially since she's been playing for 11+ years?

mds9986 24

Yeah 25, that's the point of the FML.

Said this in an earlier comment, but I have a feeling OP's parents were just pulling a joke. Because otherwise, it really doesn't make sense that they'd take the trouble to pack and wrap a tiny computer keyboard into a box big enough to fit a much larger piano keyboard.

Maybe you should've been more specific lol

Never to late to learn how to type

Since OP wrote an FML and posted online I'm pretty sure they know how to type

Never *TOO* late to learn to type.

The irony is one with your comment.

Be careful what you wish for you just might get it.

Was it a prank? It would be funny if it was.

Hey at least your folks tried.

This is either an honest mistake or hilarious trolling.